About me

Sandra Svetlana Santiago

Hi, I’m Sandra Svetlana Santiago and this is my blog/vlog

I’m life coach for 20 years now and I love passing my knowledge to others and watching them grow and prosper through self-help work, which I rather call “self-growth-work“. 

 I’ve suffered from severe agoraphobia and through learning and practicing what I’m coaching others now, self-growth-work, I got myself out of the misery into prosperity. On my website and through consulting/coaching, I share things I learned, read and write on my journey through this life. I do my best to pass that knowledge and experiences to others. Together with my friend Maria (she is energy healer) we try to help people get into or start their own journey of self-development, self-help and self-growth. I like to call it “Coaching on how to apply life user manual to make your life worth living“.

I’ve never liked human suffering of any kind, be it distress or discomfort or “call it as you like”. Thus, you may find yourself reading/or watching, about many different, but yet important things/topics, about life, human existence, body, mind, soul, and my experience about it. I’m going to share with you what I find interesting and what helped me and others make our lives better and joyous and fun and easy – like this is my personal profile page on some social website.

Join me

Self-growth work is personal experience. Feel free to share your experiences and help others discover their own way of traveling this journey called life. Life is too short to hide our true face and true thoughts in order to present ourselves as other would like us to be. This blog/vlog will be all but that – will be all but “caring about other people opinion”. This will be ME – true me, and if you join hope to see YOU – true you.

Welcome – muahaaa and shine like the star that you are.

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