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Sandra Svetlana Santiago - life coach

All my life  people have come to me for help with their problems. I suppose that my sensitivity for human suffering lead them to open up to me and seek my opinion. It was really painful for me listening about their troubles and doubts, pains and hurts. But,  I’ve been blessed to learn from great teachers like Louis L Hay, Barbara Ann Brannon, Osho, Miguel Ruiz, David Cousins, Rudolf Steiner, Rika Zarai, Wayne Dyer and spiritual guides of Esther Hicks (Abraham) and Darryl Anka (Bashar) and many, many others – I apologize for any I didn’t mention here.

Also, I’ve been blessed to have a great spiritual teachers in my friends Michael and Maria. They helped me see how healing of human being works in practice not just in words and preaching – I am grateful for every “body-soul healing” they did for me and for each and every mental exercise they thought me. Well, Michael made his transition to another level, but you still have Maria and Me to help you. Working with Maria is also a blessing, learning more and more every day.

We are both blessed with the opportunity to witness, as a life coach and energy healer,  how people in great pain caused by the events of their lives, get to a place of peace with what IS and go beyond their limitations to greater understanding and development and prosperity.


We offer online sessions:

Working one-on-one with people from around the world, helping them learn to use the principles of life in order to heal all the wounds in any area of their life, be it health, relationships, work, prosperity, etc.

Life coach sessions – learning how to transform any area of your life

Distant energy healing – Quantum touch, Quantum entertainment 

Re-birthing – powerful Technique for cleaning blocks that are slowing down our prosperity, success, health, …

marija - energy chaneller

If there is anything in your life that is currently presenting as a pain, as discomfort, as disappointment, as confusion, as any negative feeling, or perhaps something that has bothered you for a very long time, I invite you to pay total attention to it, because that is how our body, mind and our soul teaches us the important lessons in our lives and how it helps us learn to love and appreciate ourselves and all of life – teaches us to give ourselves permission to be who we really are.

 Great pain is just “great road sign“. If you pay attention, the ride gets smooth.

We are not learning anything in this life, we just need to recall what we forgot. And that is what we do in our sessions – recalling what a magnificent unique being each of us is. Recalling the primal feeling of love, peace and harmony it is what heals our mind, body, soul – our life.

The first coaching session includes energy alignment treatment and introduction session. The introduction session is longer – prepare your snacks and drink, it may last 2 hours. Follow-ups depends on every person, we are all unique. Duration depends on a program we set up for you and usually is around 60 min. You can decide to stop any time you  feel like.

All you need is Skype or Facebook messenger and will to transform your life – body, work, relationships, prosperity, success. To schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about coaching, healing, rebirthing,  feel free to contact me.

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are.

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