Abraham Hicks – A rampage of relief we all seek for

I simply love this video about “relief ” and I go back to it every time I find myself disoriented and frustrated about my work – trust me, what I call “my work” is loads of things, no wander I get frustrated – lol.

And not just about my work. We all come across many things that disturbs us during a day, things that we give too much attention to, things that create negative feelings in our mind, negative emotions that we feel through out our body and mind.

What I’ve concluded, so far, about our lives, is that only thing we seek for in our lives is a relief. Sometimes that brings great things in our lives, and sometimes it makes us lazy and procrastinate and avoid life. I would like that this video about relief brings out that positive person you are deep inside. To help you feel at ease, feel peace, feel that all is good in your world.

Low of Attraction

If you are already into a Law of Attraction, you know that what you feel is very important, that want you feel creates your experiences, not to mention that it influences your health.

If you don’t know anything about Law of Attraction, it doesn’t matter. Listening to some uplifting words is beneficial no matter where you are in your life or what are you into.

Thus, I recommend these uplifting words, that can smooth you, smooth your mind, help you get back to your natural, calm, joyful state of mind and body.
It’s called rampage of relief. It starts with statement:

Nothing matters very much!

What a great thing to recall from time to time. When you think about it – Nothing matters very much. it really doesn’t, does it?

It may work for you too – try.


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