Abraham Hicks – beginning of the day

AbrahamHiks-beginning of the day

Abraham Hicks – spiritual guide of Ester Hicks, gave us great affirmations for the beginning of the day. This is something I use and give to my clients to start their day with. I recommend to read this during any time of the day when you feel like “left all alone on this planet to deal with problems you need to deal with”.

Here it is:

I acknowledge that there are universal forces

that are focused right at me.

(now you address any being or entity or universe or source,

you trust or have faith in or relay on in your prayers or meditations.

For me it goes like this:

Jesus, Mother Mary, my guardian Angel, my spiritual guide,

all Gods Angels, all of my teachers and helpers)

I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention,

and I am appreciating your continual gaze on behalf of my well being.

And today, no matter where I am,

no matter what I am doing,

no matter where I am going,

and no matter who am I going and doing it with,

I will be in a conscious awareness that

you too are there with me,

appreciating me, supporting me,

assisting me, acknowledging me,

inspiring me, helping me,

guiding me, uplifting me,

having fun with me,

aware of me, loving me,

showing me, helping me,

guiding me, loving me,

showing me, uplifting me.

Amen (and so it is)

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are.

the end


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