Abraham Hicks – Now and Beyond – video

Can you feel what non-physical is like in a new and vivid way? And you get that is only an emotional journey the way for you? And have we convinced you that you are vibrational in nature? And can’t you feel your desire moving within you to align with the fullest of who you are.

Do you feel a new appreciation for the contrast that, maybe, in the beginning of this gathering you thought you can do with little less of. Don’t you like the expansion being born- for you, through you, by you.

Aren’t you willing to let go of pedines of physical life that is sort of been bagging you down and holding you back? Aren’t you just eager to start loving which is natural to you and living that love which is natural to you?

Don’t you find yourself just exhilarated by the idea of being source energy in the physical form moving around this physical time and space reality for the purpose of taking thought beyond? Don’t you just adore being such an important catalyst to the expansion of this universe? Don’t you feel proud for the part you have played? Don’t you just love the others with whom you share your planet?

And isn’t there variety and diversity just the most wonderful thing? Don’t you just love it, in the ways you cannot even define in words, the balance that all of the different beliefs and interests and desires, hold? Can’t you feel the power of that balance? Don’t you just love that out of all of that variety is born that vibrational reality that is the future of that which you call life on planet Earth?

Doesn’t it feel good for you that you are fulfilling your purpose in the way that you meant when you came to this physical body and that you expose yourself to the contrast, that you have been part of that expansion? And don’t you just love knowing that not only you have been the important part of this expansion, but that you can make your claim on that expansion that you carved out here and now? Don’t you love knowing the eternal nature of your being?

Don’t you just love knowing that you will never ever ever come to an end?Don’t you love knowing that you didn’t come here to get something done, but instead you came for the thrill and the Joy that you are the part of the process? Don’t you just want to walk up to all people at all parts of the world no matter where they stand and what they are doing and don’t you just want to say to them thanks for your part. I don’t really understand your life, I don’t really know where you come from. I don’t even understand why you want what you want, but thanks for being the different part that plays the different role that adds to the Future that we are all about?

Don’t you wanna say to everyone I’m glad that the vortex of creation that we’ve all curved out has well-being of such a huge proportion that none of us even if all of us collectively, humanely, got out of the vortex at the same time, we cannot set off the balance of well-being that is certain for all of us? Don’t you love knowing that life will continue through 2012 and beyond and beyond and beyond and does anything else make sense to you?

Don’t you feel the power of this vortex of creation and can’t you feel that it’s cued up for more and more and more and more? Don’t you love knowing the eternal nature if you’re being? And aren’t you eager to just carve out your joyful part in a moment? Aren’t you ready to put down your burden and stop struggling to fend and defend and guard against and take wrong things and make them right? Aren’t you ready to embrace the rightness in all things while you pick out the specific things that are particularly of interest and desire to you?

Don’t you love knowing that you don’t have to fix this planet, that you don’t need to fix one other thing, not one person needs to do one thing different?Don’t you love knowing that you have perfect government and so does anyone else, that you have perfect agenda and so does everyone else? Don’t you love knowing that diversity of religion and that diversity of beliefs and desires are perfect as they are? Doesn’t just take a big load of your shoulders to realise that things don’t have to change in order for you to be all that you came to be?

Aren’t you ready to let go of the resistance that you been dragging around that you picked up on this physical rail? Aren’t you ready to just hold yourself in steady alignment? Aren’t you ready to state your claim at a little happier moment than yesterday? Aren’t you ready to practice the loving positive expectations that the source within you never stops offering? Aren’t you ready to make your claim of nonphysical vibration, perfection that is the love, that is truly you? Aren’t you ready to let all that other stuff go? And isn’t it nice to realise that you don’t have to wait for one other person to figure that out, not one other person has to figure that out in order for you to find a freedom that is natural for you.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely, and we say to you that we are joyously and eternally never endedly, frisky milking it into the vortex.

Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are

the end

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