Abraham Hick- rampage for success

abraham hicks rampage

I have a potential for everything that I want. I’m getting better and better in this. Already I can feel the improvement. I know that this universe is abundant. I know that others who are now billionaires were one time standing right where I am standing. I know that these processes work.

I know that I am coming closer to the enlightenment with what I want. I like the idea of abundance. I like to look for abundance in my own experience not just financial, but clarity abundance, well-being abundance and physical energy abundance and the beautiful in the world abundance. I do really well in this.

I’m looking forward to the universe yielding to me the steady path. I understand that all of my abundance wont come all at once. That’s alright. I like steady stream of abundance that will be flowing to me, that is flowing to me. I love knowing that I am the creator of my own reality.

I love knowing that I can dream big. I love understanding how big what I am putting in my vortex is. I love knowing that energy that creates worlds and my own inner being, everyone gathers to assist me in that. I can feel that my work is just to relax and allow it. I don’t want it to all come at once.

I want to savour it as ideas and pieces of it come. I like the idea of having my own hands in my own clay as I am processing all of this. I like watching the abundance squirting into my experience in a different ways. I like knowing that it will always be good for me. I like feeling my power of understanding. I like understanding the laws of the universe. I am crazy about my own guidance system. I like knowing, by this calm that I’m feeling right now, that I am right on a track with what I’m wanting.

I feel that is good for me to know that I can be or do or have anything that I choose. I like knowing that I can massage the energy. I like knowing that when I’m really sure of something I can lay on the specifics of it a really get the momentum going, because I love that fast ride. And I love knowing that when it feels a little halting to me, that that is  the time when it is alright for me to just slow down and catch my balance and be more general.

I know that this is a sure thing. I know that now, when this idea occurs to me about something that I want, that it must be. I can feel how long the journey has been even getting into receiving mode and receiving that idea. I understand that having received that idea means I am well along the way. I am so looking forward for the details how that will play out. I am thrilled with the idea of the entrepreneurship that is flowing to me.

It is exciting to me to think about those that I will meet and it is exciting to me to know that I will know them when I see them. It is exciting to me to know that I cannot miss in this and that there will be so many avenues in which things will flow and I love the power of my fascinating mind. I love the interest I have in so many different subjects.I love knowing the freedom I have to choose lots of different areas at the same time.

I can feel the co-operative universe surrounding me and participating with me. I look forward for each and every idea as it comes. I don’t have to look out in the future and figure it all out at once, anymore that I have to plan a trip across the country and know every turn I am doing to take along the way. I know that I got my feet under me and my stability and I know that I will intuitively know which way to turn and which way to go and when to put on the gas and went to slow down a little bit. I love knowing that I am the creator of my own reality.

There is nothing about this that I don’t like. There is nothing about this that I don’t know. My inner being knows everything that I’ve created. My inner being knows not just the potential but the the vibrational reality that is for me. My inner being also knows where I stand in a relationship to that and what resistance is on my trail and how to call me over and under and around and through this resistance. Not because I have to pass that resistance in order to get to the ending place that I want, but because that is the fan of the journey.

I love my journey.

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Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are!

the end


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