Bashar – Changing, Shifting and Trusting

Bashar – Changing, Shifting and Trusting

At one moment in my life, in my phase of reading and reading and reading books about life, how this life works, why are things in life like they are, why am I the way I am, ect.,  I’ve came to one conclusion I think everyone does at some point, that is:

“We do not learn anything by reading books or getting information in any possible way, but what happens is that we are just awakening some part of our mind, conscious, unconscious, subconscious or whatever. What really happens is that the information’s we come across help us remember or bring to our awareness something we already had stashed somewhere in ourselves, our broader, wider selves- call it soul or spirit or collective consciousness, whatever. All is there, we just needed something, like book, to trigger us, to help us recall. We needed something to open that closed door.

You know how, when you read something or watch something on TV or hear someone talks about something, for some reason  you have a feeling like, “yes, that’s it” or “yes, this sounds right”, or “yes, this makes sense”, or “yes, this feels so true to me”?!

Well I think that feeling is exactly what show us that we don’t learn anything or better to say, that we already know everything, but just need some trigger to recall it.

Some people use meditation for this purpose. As a matter of fact, meditation seems to be the easiest way to recall. My spiritual teacher Michael, told me once, when I asked him to send me or recommend me some book I should read next, he said: “You’ve red enough, you have all the knowledge within you, go for it.”

That among other things is what Bashar is talking about in this video. I know you may find Bashar little strange, but trust me, his messages are good, helpful, uplifting, ……

Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are.
All the thanks to EldarShaim for uploading this video to YouTube, great online school, at least for me. And to prove that nothing happens by accident, that there are no coincidences, I’ll tell you that I came across this video while I was looking for “zappos assocciates” – exploring business possibilities by checking on YouTube  this video showed up in a list out of nowhere, apparently  cause the topic seemed to have nothing to do with Bashar and self-growth work- miracle? message Ive needed today?
And one more no-coincidence. Today in Serbia is religious holiday called “saint Petka” and this video is published on Nov 21. which is my family traditional religious holiday we celebrate, that is the “saint Michael’s” day. So much for, “There is something out there….” 🙂
Thus I must add: thank you Lord, thank you saint Petka, thank you saint Michael, thank you my soul, thank YOU WHO EVER YOU ARE AND GAVE ME THIS MESSAGE, THIS SIGN TODAY.

And, again, I had to change video cause original one is deleted. This one is far from the one I’ve gave you here in a first place. Hope you will see what I mean.


Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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