How little do we know ourselves

Bashar- insight of personality

One time at youtube I came across video by Bashar called Walk through the forest. This is so called “guided” visualization in which Bashar is taking you through certain walk through the forest which will help you reveal how you interpret this reality. I did similar exercises long time ago.  Exercise that revealed to me how little I know about myself. At that time I had no idea about self-help, self-growth work. I just knew something is wrong with me, because I was in bed for 3 years and no doctors nor medications, no home remedies nor vitamins can help me.


How did I found out that my believes are not really mine.

I went to some woman and she did her thing on me – Energy channeling =”bio-energy treatment”. At that time I had no idea what that is, but I simply felt I should try. I was supposed to have 3 days treatment.

Bashar - quest for truth

After first treatment, for the first time in God knows how many years, on my way back home I felt hunger.
Like my stomach was all cleaned up and now it needs food. Can you imagine living all those years – since I remember, not feeling hunger just when it’s time for you to eat you feel sick and you know you have to eat or you are going to faint?! I’ve made all the adjustments and tactics for those moments – always had bottle of water with me and a sandwich – lol. It sounds crazy but it’s true, and it was helpful. I’ve become a master of all kinds of sandwiches. I was so happy that I feel good, that I had no problem going back for a second treatment. I thought, that’s it, she is going to cure me.

But, the moment I came in her room, she said: “I cannot help you. I’ve channeled the energy to you yesterday and today you came back looking exactly the same as the first day, like I did nothing” – whatever that meant.

Can you imagine how I felt – speechless, shocked, ….out of hope…..

And she said something that launched my self-help work. She said, “you have to do psychological exercises yourself”. I had no idea what that means and she said, “sit here opposite to me at the table and repeat after me these sentences, but repeat them as you mean it, as they are your statements”

She said: “I always help others” – I repeated and she said, “You don’t believe that”

She said: “I love life” – I repeated and she said, “You don’t believe that”

She said: “I am very open and honest person” – I repeated and she said, “You don’t believe that”

What?!!!I was in shock!!! Asked, “what you mean I don’t believe that? I do! Those are exactly the things I do believe and principles I live upon???!

She replayed that it is not true, because if it is, the way I repeat after her would be in calm manner with
no gesticulation – facial expression of any kind. By the way, I thought if I make gesticulations it will sound more convincing that those are my statements.

She said, “ok, let’s do more”, and continued with statements and I’ve continued repeating after her. Still, for those statements that I really believe as my believes she kept saying, “No, you are not”. As much as I tried to express them in calm manner with no facial expression, I couldn’t!

Then it clicked in my mind and I asked:

“Is it possible that my unconscious believes are so much different from my conscious one????” She nodded her had.

It is amazing. I was in shock when I realized that what I thought are my “life principles”, my “core believes”, my “true self” – they are all false or to say at least “not my true believes”!!!

This was the first time I found out about the difference in what we say and think and think that we believe, and what we really believe deep inside of us. At that time I didn’t know that the difference exists because we were thought to think and believe certain way by the people we were surrounded in our early years of childhood. I thought that I was deluding myself, by myself, not wanting to see and accept bad part of “me”. Consciously I wanted to be perfect – I thought I adopted some role of perfect, saint person to hide from myself and others, the real me, real bad me.

That is how little I knew about the things I’m teaching others today

And that was also the first time I found out about “exercises” I can do to help myself, no need for therapy or doctors.  She gave me one and I did it and do it from time to time even today. I’m so grateful that I met her. Now a day we call them “affirmations” or “meditations” or “visualizations” or “prayers” or “whatever you call them”.

For the first time in my life I realized how my conscious and unconscious believes defer, how little we, people, know ourselves no matter what the reason is. And I don’t say this as criticism, as bad thing about us – just that it is great knowing that there is a difference within us. That it is great knowing what’s in your subconscious mind, because, our subconscious mind is the one that runs the show. That it is great knowing this if you are ready to be honest to yourself and if you would like to change your life for better

These days I do her test with people I work with, when they have hard time believing in what I’m explaining – it demonstrates what is or it is not within with no doubt, no buts – face is saying the truth no matter how much they try to cover.

I know it is not easy to shift from old believes and what we learned through life to something totally opposite, what I preach. Even though there are so many books and workshops now a days, not many people understand the concept or as I call it “life user manual”. And it’s no wonder – they been thought for so many years something different. Mind can’t just accept that their concepts are far from truth – mind loves to be in control. Mind always battles for control – battles itself and battles with others, to prove that its concepts and definitions  are right, battles to prove others wrong.  You can try this exercise with someone or in front of the mirror. It may give you more insight into your personality.


Cleaning or changing subconscious believes IS the basic of self-growth work

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing -  Barbara Ann Brennan

Couple a years after starting my conscious, deliberate self-growth work, which is basically cleaning your old subconscious believes and forming the new, fresh ones, I even when to psychologist asking to do tests so that, from test results, I can see how far did I go on this path of changing – and those results were amazing also. They didn’t tell me anything new, cause working on my issues gave me pretty good idea of that my main problems are and what my personality lack of. But it was amazing that from doing that simple test which makes no sense at all, you can find out so much accurate things about yourself. I would suggest to anyone to undertake those tests.


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