Beauty and Health or merry-go-round!

According to experts, it seems that our beauty and health depends on different plant or just one product of nature every year, if not every few months. Just ONE. Not two or three, but just ONE. They call it progress in science, new discoveries, new facts, old facts. Same as in clothes fashion, they make us go round and round pretending to invent something new and fabulous, whilst just commercials and they needed something new to fascinate ordinary people buy in order for chemical industry to survive.


Which year is it? What plant is IN this year?

 Thus I wonder, are we really that stupid or giant industries think we are?!

For example, in  1987,  Jojoba was an elixir of all the beauty and health. All the beauty products were considered great only if they had jojoba, even only in traces.

Then, around ’93 they forgot jojoba and introduced us to Peach. Peach face cream, Peach body lotion, eat peaches, smell like me walls should of be painted peach color, otherwise you are not IN.

Then comes Aloe Vera– at that time, around ’98, god forbid if you didn’t take Aloe elixir, no matter if it makes you sick and gives you fatigue, you drink it cause experts say, “THAT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH” (inside and out).

And it goes on and on, year after year,Water MellonBear-berry,
Sharks– whichever part of shark, Acai Berries, Honey, all kind of “plants”, milk then no-milkBlueberries, Apricots, Grapefruit ….and then we come down to Olives– Olive’s are FOOD of GODS.

Then it comes Green Coffee, Yellow sugar, Yogurt, Honey again, Avocado, Strawberries, Ginger, ….. maybe I’ve mixed the order – sorry!

And we have a winner for 2012,  latest ultimate plants:

 Aronia (choke-berries)



Plus, now a days, before you start planning your lunch or any meal, first you have to inform yourself throughout about:

“5 things you shouldn’t eat/drink under any circumstances”,

“10 things that (and only those) nourish you”,

“this is good, that is “don’t you dare”,….

I don’t say that all these things, they give priority too, don’t have healthy ingredients which can help maintain or gain beauty and health. All I’m saying is, how come we forget about one thing and go to another and let ourselves be manipulated, our body, mind and whole being. How come we forget benefits of one thing just because experts come up with some “new-old” discovery – that is what I cannot “digest”.

I wonder when Jojoba will make its glamorous come back?!!

Muahaaaa and shine like the star that you are!


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  1. HEHE, just last night I saw a commercial ad on TV for some hair color – guess what was the plant?! Jojoba is back!

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