Change yourself – leave others to themselves.

These 2 videos are saying everything that we need to know. When I’ve heard them my first association was that title for this article should be “mothers – parenting”, then I realize there is much more to it. In fact, one of the basic issues we all have or do, and that is, WHO MADE US A GOD SO THAT WE THINK WE KNOW WHATS BEST FOR OTHERS. And mothers, parents, listen to this – it will help you relax about your children.

It’s really amazing how we “see” everything that is “wrong” with others and how we persistently want others to change. What is wrong with us I wonder.  Why don’t we want best for ourselves? We start self-help-work (or you can call it self-change-work, or our-live-change-work,  or what ever you want to name it) and first thing that happens is that we try to convince others they should do it. Why? Cause our world would be better place to live in if others change?! How can we know what’s best for others?! We don’t even know whats best for us – what our soul has in mind for us – lol!  Dont tell me its cause we are “good person”, “we love others, thus wish the best for them” – lie! Truth is, it’s easier to concentrate on others then on ourselves. We are running away from ourselves cause we think that if we admit that we are doing something “less than best to our abilities” that means we are “bad person”, we are “incompetent”, we are “stupid”, we are “wrong”, …… We are not! We choose to do this work cause we want to change our life not cause we are bad people, and we ask of others to understand and support us in this. The same way, others have right to choose what they want and how they deal with their lives and themselves.

Well, YOU CAN NOT CHANGE OTHERS, so stop crying about it and do something about it. And, yes, you can do a lot about it – YOU CAN CHANGE YOURSELF so that you attract better from others or attract different people in your life. Always remember, we attract what is inside of us (as belief about ourselves, life or others).

For me that was such a relief to find out. I was crying over others behaviour toward me most of my life. When I’ve learned this it was like, “oh good, this tunnel of my life does have an end – there is a light”.

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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