Copyrights infringement – should this apply to spiritual sources?

Abraham Hicks

I’m so hurt and disappointed.

As I’ve mention in the article “Who died and made Google or any internet search engine God of internet?!! ”,for more than a week now, I don’t feel like writing. Even the articles I have started already and need some finishing I couldn’t make myself to fix them for publishing – here on site I mean. Then I got some kind of cold – was just sleepy and couldn’t do anything. The reasons for it I’ve found in my dream.

Anyway, one of the reasons for losing my enthusiasm for writing was that I got disappointed by people I thought are highly spiritual, beyond material framework – Esther Hicks and her crew at Abraham-Hicks Publications.

You know I think highly of Abraham videos, of their messages and explanations, teachings. I wanted to share with you their videos, videos I like and find inspirational and educational. And I did, but as it happens, I’ve found out that the videos of them get deleted by person who uploaded them to YouTube. Then I thought I have to upload their videos to my YouTube channel and that way my article would not happen to have blank video.

I’ve sent them e-mail:


For the webmaster


using your content


Hi, I’ve noticed that you take off some videos from YouTube uploaded by other users; since i was using those videos on my website – – I’m wondering what should i use in future and if I want to use some of your videos or any Abraham videos, what kind of permission can I get from you if any?! regards, Sandra Svetlana


And I’ve got the answer:

Dear Sandra,

Following is a broad overview on the protocol for using Abraham-Hicks copyrighted material in your own book, teachings, or interactions with others.

Sharing your personal experiences and the results you have had using the Teachings of Abraham and/or hosting discussion groups that present and discuss our recordings or books in their original format is perfectly appropriate.  We do ask that you provide our contact information so that those who wish to hear more from us may simply do so.

Extensive use of or copying verbatim their material could raise ethical and even legal issues.  If you are making limited use of the materials, such as citations of the Laws and/or Processes, direct quotes, and/or any words or phrases coined by Abraham-Hicks, then as with any material from a resource, proper credit and acknowledgement should be given, including but not limited to a notice that the material is by Abraham-Hicks, © by Jerry & Esther Hicks, the name of the publication from which the material used was excerpted, the website, and the contact phone number, (830) 755-2299.  Reference books explaining how this is done are readily available in libraries and bookstores or from your publisher.

We are unable to give you permission to use any of our materials but if you adhere to the above referenced parameters you should be fine.  You are welcome to send a copy for review to:  Abraham-Hicks Publications; P.O. Box 690070; San Antonio TX 78269.  Thank you for your appreciation of Jerry & Esther’s work, and your respect of their intellectual property.


Thank you for writing and for your interest in helping others!

Warmest regards,


Abraham-Hicks Publications


Now you tell me how would you interpret this e-mail?!

From this e-mail I’ve understood that I am not allowed to sell or publish their material as mine (which for me goes without saying), but that I can publish their material on YouTube if I state the copyright owner and give link to the source (Abraham-Hicks publishing) in description of video.

And I did it so! And, the YouTube send me notification that my video is deleted cause of copyright infringement?! And more, YouTube changed the status of my channel and it was no longer in “good standing” which means they can delete my channel anytime they want and not just delete it but ben me for life. What a hell?!

We all know websites have to be present at YouTube in order to be exposed to internet audience.


Even all this, didn’t hurt me so much.

What did hurt me came after I’ve sent e-mail to Abraham-Hicks Publishing again, asking again about copyrights:

hi again,

I need to ask you. I’ve put 2 videos on youtube – Abraham Hicks teachings, and in info I gave the links for Abraham site and youtube channel and I don’t monetize them, but I do need them for my website because I’m affiliate on amazon and would like to sell their books and other material. If I share Abraham videos of other Youtube members, they get deleted often and my article stays without video :(; would you pls check my videos and tell me if I did something wrong and what should I change?! Or should I remove them totaly cause if you complain to youtube they will ban me for life;



And the answer was:

Dear Sandra,

Thank you so much for contacting us regarding the You Tube videos you have posted. Our policy is that no videos may be posted to YouTube (unless used for translating).  Please remove your videos since they do not fall within our acceptable posting guidelines.

Thank you.


Tracy Ayers


Me again:

Are you telling me if I trunslate your videos I can keep them on?



Answer from Abraham-Hicks Foundation:

Dear Sandra,

Here are the guidelines we have posted on You Tube.

NOTE: Jerry and Esther have generously allowed fans of the Teachings of Abraham to copy and post short audio excerpts from their copyrighted Abraham material here on YouTube, and a search of YouTube will reveal thousands of recordings on countless topics which may be accessed for free. Jerry and Esther only require that others follow these USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL GUIDELINES: Please don’t post any workshop video footage – with the sole exception of those who copy the videos here on this channel, and then translate them into other languages either via added subtitles or dubbing. Also, postings of audio material is limited to clips of 15-minutes or less, and multiple-part postings are not permitted. Jerry and Esther thank everyone for supporting their intentions in this regard.

Yes, I’ve made a mistake – posted multiple-parts. I did wrong I know now.


What I did not do wrong is expecting of someone who is spreading the word of wisdom, of someone who is sharing information’s for well-being of humans, someone who is suppose to be highly spirutual to mind be so particular and offensive about copyrights.

The copy cannot ever be good as original – that is one of the rules in this life, one of the proven facts.

If someone is into well-being of humans, that someone is not claiming “this is mine”, but in fact claiming, or supposed to claim:

“here, it is for you to take – drinking from the Fontana of wisdom and knowledge is for all not only for those who pay for seminars or dvd’s.”

When Jerry hicks died – didn’t know right away, heard later – I was very hurt and sad and felt big lost. I didn’t like him very much from Abraham videos at the time, so I was wondering why do I feel like I lost someone very close. Then I realized that even though I didn’t like him so much, for me he was part of what I did like – Abraham teachings, and as such I got used to having him around as part of whole experience. I’ve realized I’ve established good energy connection with all of them and was so happy about it, happy to learn and rely on The Source which is nothing more but my own soul, your own soul, or you can call it “collective consciousness”. From how I felt about Jerry Hicks you can imagine how much more I liked Esther Hicks – funny and courageous woman, standing in front of people, channeling Abraham teaching, surrendering herself to higher source in order to help us, ordinary people make the best of our lives.

I don’t mind people who have access to higher realms charging for their services as much as they want, as much as they think they should –moreover I support that. I think they should charge their effort and abilities same as any other professional does.

Om I

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But prohibiting to others to spread their work and knowledge, for me, that is not spirituality, that is not why they got the ability in a first place. We all know what marketing is and part of marketing is publicity which includes “spreading the word”, in simple words. That would be same as if some architect gives the world some solution for house and then if I use that solution he should chase me around the world and prosecute me for copyrights – silly, isn’t it?

I can write pages and pages about this, but I won’t. I just wanted to tell you about my disappointment and how that works in our lives, how damaging it is for our body and good state of mind – disappointment I mean. No one is worth of our health. We should let people do as their consciousness tells them too – they are doing the best they can and know how.

As Miguel Ruiz would say: “Do not take anything personally”. It’s their dream and they are living it, it has nothing to do with you. What it does have with you is, “why that kind of behavior of others hurts you so much – what wound in your life and your mind their behavior touched and made ache again?


P.S. In a book, when you quote some author – that is ok, I suppose because it’s a partial and plus you are promoting that author. If so, how come YouTube videos are not treated the same – you are uploading video quoting partial work of some author and promoting his work?!!


Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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4 Responses

  1. shycjb says:


    I just wanted to write and say I’m sorry to hear that you had to remove some videos due to copyright issues.
    I understand copyright being important but all you were doing was sharing things that have helped you in the hope that it will help others and you always made it clear who the ideas came from and promoted their work.

  2. Thx S, helping others now a days became a “risky job”, lol 😀

  3. Hi
    I completely understand why you feel this is very unspiritual. I see that so much it seems not to be in affinity with a holy person trying to help all the lost people in this world. I always thought a person full of Source and Spirit would WANT TO SHARE FREELY this free information that came via them freely.given by Abraham…so why can the Hicks people get greedy when they make so much money.? It sickens me about the whole “New Age” and “Healing” MILLIONS & MILLIONS OF DOLLAR BUSINESS IS ALL IT ENDS UP BEING.
    You know what it is? Money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL & money has become their idols to these people that pretend to care for their fellow man. Abraham isn’t asking them for money so WHY ARE THRY ASKING FOR UNTOLD AMOUNTS OF MONEY? It turns people off getting a better life because they set such a bad example. Jesus gave everything He had for free. A true healer shares freely. You have no reason to doubt what your body told you. You have done nothing wrong. Be at peace with yourself in that knowledge. Best wishes.x

  4. thx dear, I dont think money is evil, just that no copy can be same as original so they have nothing to be afraid of :); they should be happy that people want to share their work and knowledge cause that is free marketing for them. But, I understand that there are people among their team that don’t understand how this life works. And its ok! We can not give out what we dont have inside of ourselves, and I know we all grow so things will change in time – let them have their own pace.

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