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I love dancing and, as I’ve noticed, many people do.  If I did not mention by now, when we do self-help or self-growth work, at some point we need to incorporate the work on all levers of our existence – mind, body and soul. Many years ago, when I learned this fact my health was not so good and doing some body exercises, as a regular routine, was not an option for me. Then I realised, I do like music so why not dancing when I feel like it – it’s movement and muscles are working and, what is most important, I really enjoy it. That’s when I started using dancing as exercising. We are not professional dancers so it does not require warm up and we can do at our own pace – faster or slower as we feel like at the moment. Sometimes we can feel  like slow dance and sometimes in a mood for twist. Whatever makes u feel  good, it’s what you should do.

Benefits of dancing

By dancing we achieve few essential things for our health, that is joy and movement and meditation.

Joy is essential for our mental health and for creating our future by deliberately choosing positive attitude and feeling (what we give out comes back to us or/ we attract what we feel like, or/ where we put our attention grows).

Movement is essential for health of our body. It gives strength and flexibility to our joints and muscles and bones. And most importantly gives strength and flexibility to our internal organs ( our inner muscles) and circulation of blood and energy our body needs for maintaining or recuperating our health.

Meditation, even though it may seem strange for beginners, dancing can be used as meditation. In my opinion, when we concentrate on something, whatever that may be (in this case dancing) our thought range reduces. In other words, we don’t think about anything else but what we do at the moment. If, during dance, we put out attention to our body moves, to the rhythm we feel, to words of song we are dancing to, we forget about any troubling issues we go through at the moment. Thus, thought in our mind stop racing and we achieve calmness and give our minds time to relax from everyday life and worries. Many spiritual techniques incorporate dancing in their routine for this reason. Osho Rajneesh is one of the spiritual teachers who use to use dancing as a meditation. Buda used walking and conscious moving of our feet and legs as meditation. I find dancing as easiest way to meditate.

I give you here some songs you can use, but feel free to choose any music that makes you feel like dancing. Enjoy yourself and have fun using dancing as your way to better life. And you can always combine dancing with another way of exercising your body- remember, important thing is to do what makes you happy and what you feel like doing at the certain moment in time. On the other hand, if dancing is not your thing, check my article with exercises I like.

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are.

the end

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