Eckhart Tolle recebe Neale Donald Walsch

I love Neale for showing me, in this video, that I’m not alone, that we are all confused about that one thing we want to be clear about, “How to  apply what we know in our lives, on daily basis, in life situations? How come in so many situations we forget what we know and act or say something as we would never if we would apply what we know? How come we get so forgettable, so out of ourselves, so different, when we are with someone then when we are alone, in company of ourselves or when we reflect back on some situation”?!
I’m sitting here, with myself, writing, thinking, and I know it all – lol. Why, then, I get myself into those annoying situations or conversations “out there”, while, in fact, I do notice they are useless even when I’m in them or doing them – why am I still contributing to that uselessness, although, thank God, I notice them? Why then I’m not “this cleaver”!? One time I was talking to my mother or better to say, she was “preaching me”, as always, and I was standing there, listening to her saying something that made no sense at all and it just burst forth out of me:” Were you really present in your mind now that you’ve just said that? Were you even there?!”
What she just said was such a “nonsense” literally, NON-SENSE, that it made me smile and think this (as I take as big revelation from that moment on) magnificent thought or insight, “is she present in her mind when she is talking or just babbling in order to spite or fight me or prove she is right – no matter what. As Tolle just said in this video – I was right, she was not in present, she just protecting her ego, her limited ego was talking and not her essence.
You can check the list of his books here: Neal Donald Walsch

muahaaaa and shine like a star that you are

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