Exercise – 9 minute workout warm-up


Don’t tell me you can’t squeeze  9 minute of exercise in your daily schedule!

This is not just an ordinary warm-up. It is based on meridian tapping which activates energy centers of your body. Since we are made of energy, our health and flexibility depends on the way the energy flows through our body. By exercising you are not exercising just muscles of your bones, but internal organ muscles as well.

 When can you use this warm-up exercise?

You can use this as “stand alone” daily exercise, if you are beginner or if you have only few minutes to spare on exercising.

Otherwise it is great to start your daily workout with it. It doesn’t matter which kind of exercises you prefer, this  warm-up is universal, fits with anything you are into, sport wise.

Sometimes, when I don’t have time for full workout, I do just this warm up and it makes me fit to start my day. Other times, if i feel tired, I use it to relax as a kind of meditation. Osho suggests dynamic meditation, and for me this warm-up exercise is dynamic meditation. Usually, I start my daily workout with this warm-up and then go ahead with “18 Chi Quong Shibashi exercises “, followed by “The Five Tibetan Rites” and “stretching”.

 Who can use this warm-up?

This warm up is  great for any age. It doesn’t matter if you are 7 or 97, you can benefit with this and there are no side effects or possibility of injuries. You do it in your own pace, thus no need to worry, just enjoy it.

Since this warm-up exercise regulates body energy flow, it helps healing process – trust me. If you don’t know by now, our body heal itself, regenerate itself on a regular basis, if we don’t stand on its way. By doing this warm-up, we cleans the blockage we’ve made so that body intelligence can do its job.

It’s not just warm-up

You will notice I added “spine roll” exercise to this warm-up, because that is how I do my warm-up. I thought you may like it and enjoy its benefits, same as I do.

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