Diet vol.1- how to eat to loose weight

You’ve made yourself a meal or something to eat. Set down (or eat standing up!) and filled your plate with what and how much you think you will eat.  Now stop!

Get 2 more plates or any kind of dish.  What ever amount of food that you have in your plate, split it to 3 – split between those 3 plates you have now or 3 dishes. Eat what’s in one plate and leave 2 other for later. No matter how long you will give yourself for the next plate of food – hour, 2 hours, 3 hours – it doesnt matter. What matter is that you dont eat all at once but in few separate meals. As you may know, brain need some time to get information that you fulfilled the need for food.

Never mind if you are still hungry after 1st plate – let thought that you can eat any time you like in next hour or more or less, when ever you really feel like it, help you start with this rhythm or schedule of eating.

Eating several small meals a day its proven to be working for loosing weight – try and see and share with us what happens!


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  1. wdave51 says:

    😛 very good idear it funny sandra my mom used to tell me when i was a kid to chew more slowly and it will tell your brain you are satified/thank for you idears i enjoy reading your posts

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