How to Fulfill Your Wishes – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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New book by Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled.

His message, as always, is that it is possible for every person to live an extraordinary life and those who are into “ordinary” will not find this page or his book anyway. I’m one of those who was never able to accept “ordinary” and for many years I’ve thought, and was told by people around me, that I’m “crazy”, “not with my feet on the ground”, “too picky”, “dreamer”, and may other “not nice” labels. I was confused by my way of thinking comparing to others so much that I’ve almost accepted “ordinary” at some point in my life. But thank God, no matter how much I’ve tried to accept “ordinary” my soul didn’t let me.

Here is what he says about “ordinary” and I love it cause he describes as he is putting my thoughts into words:

“…most of us were raised to become ordinary; and I’m not putting down ordinary, but ordinary is just not good enough for me. Ordinary is,” you go through your life and you fill out the forms and you pay your taxes, and you do what your parents tell you and you are noble and you are honest and you are good citizen and then you die. Extraordinary is something very, very different. “

He is teaching us that it is possible for every person to manifest their deepest desires, if we just change our prospective of treating ourselves, if we honor that part of us that is pure divinity, our Higher Self, practicing what he talks about.

You know, through the years, I’ve seen so many people reading the same books as I am. So many people interested in same subjects I am. But their interest was just “informational”, they were reading just cause those subjects are not in the News – lol.

And you can read and read, you can listen to million motivational teachers and tapes and videos, but if you don’t start practicing some of that, no use book or audio or video or teacher will do that for you – you have to take active role in transforming your life, your health, your relationships or whatever you would like to change.

You can check the list of his books here: Wayne Dyer Books

Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are!

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