Abraham Hicks- How to get what you want

“Everything is Thought” and assistance from infinite intelligence occurs when we tune to the frequency and allow the our “non-physical” friends to help us get, create, manifest whatever we really want.

We know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”, but most of us choose to apply this only in negative contest.
If we suppose that thought is really everything and that whatever we think becomes true for us, becomes our reality, it is hard for us to believe that what we have in life, what we are surrounded in our lives with, what we attract in our lives, IS really creation of our thoughts. NO WAY, I’VE NEVER WANTED THIS, OR THIS OR (GOD FORBID) THIS.So let’s see what Abraham Hicks- Esther Hicks spiritual guide (guides), says about it and explains it.


Published on Mar 27, 2012 by AbrahamHicks


Published on Aug 8, 2012 by EnightenedSource


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