How to loose weight by Abraham Hicks

What a disaster in our lives overweight causes!

It destroys self-esteem. It makes us self-conscious every minute of the day, not just when we are outside or among other people, but even when we are alone, at home. Sometimes, even more when we are home alone – in comfort of our home, in comfort of being by ourselves, we feel free to express whatever is going on or bothers us and that’s when all the sadness and all the disappointment and all the insecurities feel free to express. How many times you’ve find yourself crying over something when you are alone or better to say, when you are “with yourself”? Isn’t it strange?! Here you are, home alone, all alone in company of yourself only and instead of expressing all that “craziness” and “weirdness” (positive craziness and weirdness) you are or can be, you cry or feel sad or worried?!! Shouldn’t home or being “with yourself” be an opportunity to be all that you can be?! No one is watching you. No one hears you – this is tricky, right? There are neighbors around. Then do something about them – close the windows, put music on, loud as you think it will prevent them from hearing you or whatever crosses your mind to shelter from them. No one is there to judge you. Or is there?! Yes there is – YOU. Then get over yourself!

It seems that we are our own worst enemy.

We blame others and yet, it’s not about others – we do it to ourselves.
Let’s get of that negative horse and get to positive one – allow yourself to be all the best and positive person you are at least at the comfort of your home or company of “your own self”. That’s a great start – don’t you think? You are walking into your home, closing door, lock it if you need it, and all of a sudden you feel freeeeeeeeeee- free to do whatever you like, free to be whatever you want to be, free to feel whatever you like to feel. Go for it! Be crazy as you like. Be happy as much as you want. Dance, sing, kick things around, jump, shake of all that bothers you – enjoy yourself, enjoy your freedom to be you.
And after some time, after practicing and get into a habit to be and feel free in your home, see how that expresses in your life, in your body and on your body.

And here is some help from our friends,

Abraham Hicks from 

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end

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