How to solve a problem


Dr. Raymond Charles Barker gave us great explanation about, how to solve a problem. Believe it or not it is true. Try it for yourself.

When there is a problem,

there is not something to do,

there is something to know!

We usually go crazy if some problem comes up in our lives. In fact, that is just a “road sign” for us (life sign) that there is something we need to know about ourselves or life. Problems show us our most inner beliefs. If you want to solve the problem, all you need to do is find out belief you have about the situation and change it – then everything falls into place. Belief can be about life, about ourselves, about people – and it can be something that in your current perspective is not even close to the “problem you are facing”, but it is. Trust yourself when you are looking for answers.

This great author, that I sincerely recommend, explained it all. We just need to learn from him and put that knowledge in action – work on ourselves, as we say nowadays.

Who is Raymond Charles Barker (1911–January 29, 1988)

was a leader and author in the New Thought spiritual movement. Barker was the founder and first minister of the Church of Religious Science in Manhattan. Some of his students included future Religious Science leaders Stuart Grayson and Louise Hay (my teacher  ). He was a president of the International New Thought Alliance.

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

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