How do we REALLY treat our body?

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Think for a moment, How do we REALLY treat our body?

Usually, we think about our body if we feel some discomfort in it or see some changes on it – some pain, some tension, itching, tickling, cellulite, scratch, pimple, …. . That gets our attention.

Friend of mine once said: “I love when I don’t know that I have some part of my body – if i don’t feel I don’t know I have it, that is when all is well with it. If I notice I have it, that is when I have pain or some other sensation at some part of it.” How true!  He reminded me how for years I’ve felt my stomach constantly, 24/7, and was praying not to feel it even just for few hours. Till few years ago, never occurred to me to pay conscious attention to my stomach, to consciously,  on purpose, feel it and give it some attention, I mean som nice, loving positive attention – not just complain and crave about it.

On another hand, how much attention and care we give our bodies if we do not feel any part of it?

As I noticed, myself included, NOT MUCH. Usually, we brush our teeth (if we do – lol) cause we are suppose too. We have shower (if we do) because we are suppose too. We (not all) eat healthy food cause others say we are suppose too or cause some discomfort in or on our body made us do. We exercise (if we do) because we heard that we are suppose to be good looking – usually that’s the main reason. We look at our body in a mirror when we dress up or looking for some distortion on skin or to check how fat we are. ….

When we talk or think about our body, usually we think about some discomfort in it or distortion on it?! We complain about being ill or not looking good and yet when we are healthy or good looking we usually forget our body or mistreat it.

If we feel pain we take medications, vitamins, minerals, .. . If we are healthy, we usually forget or postpone to take some vitamin supplements to help our body maintain its functions perfectly.

When we have skin problems we look for creams and recipes that we can apply on our skin. When our skin looks “as usually” we forget that we can put some fruit/vegetable/egg/tea mask on it.

How many of us or better to say, how many times in your life we gave our body attention “just cause” not cause our body MADE US do it?

When we think about massage we think “indulging ourselves”. When we think of taking a bath we think “indulging ourselves”. When we think of nice meal we think “indulging ourselves”. Why?!! It seems like treating our body with good intentions and care is hedonistic and something so special? It seems like paying attention to our body is a sin! Like only when we are bored and have nothing better to do or give ourselves permission to relax from “real life”, we can treat our bodies with care and love and attention!

And please don’t tell me: I DON’T HAVE TIME, .. DAY IS TO SHORT, … I’ve heard it all. But those are all just excuses for forgetting our body. We make all kind of excuses for neglecting our body. We don’t forget to sit and have coffee, with or without cigaret. We don’t forget to watch our favorite series at 7pm. We don’t forget to argue with our family member for an hour trying to prove we are right. Yet we forget to give some attention to our body! Why we need some “special time” for our body?!

How many times or did you ever massaged your feet while having a coffee?

How many times or did you ever after you’ve made some juice, used those fruit remains to apply on your face skin before throwing it away?

How many times or did you ever, after getting up from chair or sofa stretched your body?

How many times or did you ever massaged your face while putting on cream after morning face-wash?!

How many times or did you ever massaged your hands while watching your favorite tv show?

How many times or did you ever, while walking to your car or bus station, payed attention to your walk, trying to give your legs some exercise  or some relaxed slow walk, instead of walking unconsciously rushing and stubbing on your way?!

How many times or did you ever, while having a shower, washed our body with paying attention to every scrub we give it?!

How many times or did you ever .  ……

IS ALL THIS SO HARD TO DO – NO IT’S NOT! Then why are we forgetting it or ask yourself, ” why is my mind always in “next/future step” and not in “present”?

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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