Who died and made Google or any internet search engine God of internet?!!

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When I had idea of making my own website I was thrilled that I will share my thoughts and experiences online and by doing it I may help someone carve his/hers own path better and easier for her/his-self. Other people thoughts and experiences helped me get where I am right now in my life. Through books I’ve found out I’m not the only one thinking the way I did. Reading other people thoughts and experiences I found out there are other people like me. I’ve found out that I’m not crazy, that my thoughts and ideas are not “that crazy” as people around me wanted me to believe. I found out there is a way to make of your life something better, something more enjoyable. So I thought, why not share, maybe my experience will help others the same way others helped me.

I was thinking:

“I’m writing anyway, almost every single morning or anytime something crosses my mind – day or night. So why not share.”

I didn’t pretend to have some great thought or that I’m some great writer, I didn’t cares for “great writing”! This is internet, we all have opportunity to say what’s on our mind, the way we feel it and know how, we don’t need to be some “award winning writers” in order to say what’s on our mind.

I had a same feeling about internet as I had about painting – feeling of freedom to express whatever you want or like or feel.

I’ve started painting at my thirties. I loved painting all my life, since I remember. But I never did it other than for my art classes in grammar school – that was a part of general education and still is in Serbian schools – thank god. I loved those classes, enjoyed them immensely, but was always nervous and afraid of teacher’s judgment and opinion. And he was awful, criticizing and criticizing. I suppose that was his tactic to make us try harder, but it had the opposite result on me. He made me scared of his judgment instead of encouraging me to do my best. I am the type of person who needs encouraging and explanation in order to grow. I’ve needed him to explain that creativity is expression of one’s personality and has nothing to do with rules but individuality, to explain that no one can judge your creative work. Someone may not like it, but cannot judge it.

And I was grateful to God and Life for all the books and those amazing authors that helped me see the life from different viewpoint, from the viewpoint of freedom that we all look for and claim it, but few of us know what it is and live it. I was grateful for realization that no one can judge my creative work, that I can paint as much as I like, whatever I like, however I like and not give a damn of other people opinion. Before that I was living in fear of others, fear of their reaction, of their criticism of their disliking – as do most of us.

Well, in my opinion, for all of us, it should come the moment in our lives when we ask one simple question:

Who died and made you a GOD!?!!!

In other words, “who gave you soled right on what is right or wrong”

This simple question helped me start off with a best thing that happened in my life – finding my profession. All my life I had a problem or I thought I had a problem with “what it is that I should do for a living, as a profession”? Whatever I did, I did it until I would master the basics and then I would quit. I thought I am a quitter – at least my mother made me think so! I cursed God for giving me so many talents and not just one so that I know what to do. I was good in anything I put my mind too, but nothing would keep me interested for a long time.

So when I finally dealt with “critics” I gave myself permission to paint and my soul was literally flying – I was flying. I’ve felt, from the core of my being that painting is ME, my calling, my profession, my path, everything that is ME. And the best thing was that my Agoraphobia decreased at least 30% just from this simple realization.

The same feeling or at least very similar feeling I have when I talk to people about self-help, self-growth work – when I do life coaching. Thus, similar feeling I have when I write about that.

And then, all of the sudden I couldn’t write?!!!!!

For more than a month now, I don’t feel like writing. The articles I have started already and need some polishing, I couldn’t force myself to finish – fix them for publishing – here on site I mean. Then I got some kind of cold – was just sleepy and felt sick in my stomach and couldn’t do anything. It turned out that I have ear ache, headache and my spine was hurting all over.

According to metaphysics:

Stomach = represents assimilation in its first stages; digestion of new ideas, new ways of doing things, and accepting change of any kind; refusing to digest something;

Ear = you don’t want to hear something

Head = something you show to people; something people see first and make first impression

Headache = Pain always indicates a separation of some sort, from something, usually from Truth (from self-core)

Spine = support of life, or support of any kind depending on part of the spine (lower, middle, upper)

It was nothing new for me. I’ve been there so many times and so often. I’ve learned from my experiences and working on my issues that when this happens or any ache, any discomfort in my body, it is a sign and alarm for me to deal with something that bothers me. To deal with something that wounded me so deep and hard that I used all the rationalization and logic to push the pain away – that’s what we people do when we are hurt. I’ve learned that is never about the body. That body reacts and expresses what’s in our mind.

So when I get to feel like this, I start looking back, usually looking at what had happened during previous month, to find a reason for the way my body reacts this way. I start affirming over and over again, as I learned from Louis L Hay book,

“I’m willing to release a pattern in my consciousness that created this condition”,

“What is it that created this condition?”

“what is it that I don’t want to hear?”

“and so on and so forth”

Many things crossed my mind while doing these affirmations and questions, but none of them made the ache stop and none of them felt “right”, until I had a dream one day.

I don’t remember the dream, all I remember my ex-doctor, Neuropsychiatric, was in it and I felt pain again. This calls for some explanation, some detour, so that you can understand why that dream gave me answers I’ve needed. In short, I had a doctor that I trusted and considered as one of the rare person I can rely on, but then she tested me by pretending that she didn’t recognize me – big mistake. I’ve felt betrayed and disappointed and sad that she thought ” ego games” work with me. I am one very open and honest person and I don’t see any point in playing games of pretending – for me that is the worst way of trying to diminish someone, no matter who is in question, and potentially very hurtful way. I even treat small kids and pets same as adults. I’m doing my best not let my ego run around uncontrolled when it comes to other people cause I know how much those “ego games” can be painful.

Anyway, I’ve realized I feel pain in my body for 2 reasons:

1. SEO – search engine optimization

2. Disappointment in people I thought off as highly spiritual – you can read about this in article “Copyrights infringement”

1.  Who died and made Google (or any other search engine) a God of internet?!???

Don’t get me wrong, I love Google and they are doing great job in this world wide web (www) in so many ways, but SEO – search engine optimization – that is something I hate and I bet 99% of people who own websites, hate it.

And for the very simple reason:

SEO took the fun out of having your own website.


By making people more worried about “background work” then about the content of their website. By making people waist time learning about SEO and left with so little time for writing articles on their websites.

You can check out for yourself “ Google SEO resources for beginners

It all came down to: “what is working what’s not”, ”what will get me traffic”, “what should I do to get noticed among millions of websites”, “should I write on other blogs or forums”, “is this keyword low ranked in “people search” or high – how big is the competition for that word”, …..

At the moment there are at least 100 companies that offer SEO management for webmasters and websites and at least 100 000 of individuals that offers the same. About 3 months ago, I’ve posted on Twitter a question: “Anyone around who can explain to me what am I supposed to do for SEO?” And I got 10 offers of some individuals who would take care of my SEO for reasonable price. I was thinking about hiring someone.

Then, learning and reading about it day after day – crazy as I am- I find out what is it all about, at least as much as I was able to understand. And what I realized made me mad. My reaction was, “NO” – no one will do SEO for me and I’m not going to bother with SEO. I didn’t start this website cause I intended to be “perfect fit for search engines”. I’ve started this cause I love it, because I love to write. I can’t write genuine article, and I don’t think anyone can, while thinking and being obsessed with:

–          Title is not long enough

–          Slug is too long

–          Not enough repetition of keyword

–          Sentences are too long

–          Etc

Is that the way to write?! Should I be more occupied by the way my article look like then what I try to pass on to others?! Should I be bothered if my keyword is in first sentence or not instead of start my article with a sentence I feel like in the moment?!!!!

I’m  pouring out my soul here, on these pages, in these articles, and you are telling me – no it’s not good enough?!!!

If that’s what it takes for people to find my articles, I would not have this website at all. Thank God, I learned something different in all this time I did and do self-growth work. I’ve learned that creativity is individual and that people attract each other by the same energy vibration level. Google can’t get me traffic – readers and contributors. Only the energy I radiate out to world can.

History is repeating

In all history people tried to tame anything new that comes up or out.  Like, something comes up and people examine it and look for principles it works upon. Then they think they found it and start making rules for others to obey, based on what they discovered about situation or event or whatever.

Nothing in life depends on some rules people come up with – things were happening long before people analyzed them. The earth was spinning long before people find out why and how! This is not about what came first, egg or chicken?! In this case, first there were articles on internet and websites had traffic, then search engines came – right?! Why they are twisting it?!

People start writing and painting first then the critics came – right?? As all things in life- people get involved and complicate them.

But, there is one thing most people forget or don’t know. Something that I call “Absolute truths”, and something that I intend to make a series of articles about. One of those “Absolute truths” is “Similarities attracts”.

In “the internet world” – Google and those who consider themselves a Gods of internet, call them cookies – but that is sooooo wrong and sooooo far from the truth. Google you don’t help people with cookies as you think you do. You make people frustrated by cookies! You make it hard for people to find what they are looking for, by cookies.

It works like this, I start to look for something and all of the sudden same ads show on every website, same suggestions like there are only few websites for the thing I’ve needed. If I’ve needed those ads I would not look further than the first page – right?! Since I moved from the first “search” it means I didn’t find what I’m looking for, so don’t give me “same b*sh*” over and over again, based on your cookies. That is not “similarities attracts”. That is what you want me to attract. That is what you are paid for to suggest to me.  And no matter how much you try you cannot bit this simple truth, Similarities attracts. People who are similar to me and who need to hear/ read about what I write, will find me no matter how much you try to give them what you “think” they are looking for.

Maybe not all cookies are bad and maybe most of you don’t agree with me, but I like to have my freedom of choice. I don’t want to go searching for something and find only websites who can afford to pay for search engines ads or traffic or whatever to get them ranked on a first page of search. So what if I come across Japanese website?! I can always change the words in my search and state the country or language I prefer – right?! I don’t need you to tell me what I want. You can tell me what I may like, but only in separate column, not in main one. Google, You may not like the way my article is written. It may not fit to your “search standards”. But there are people out there who are always looking for what I have to offer. so who gave you the right to play God!?

People, I suggest you clean the cookies in your computer any time you intend to look for something you didn’t look before – clean the history or use “cookie cleaning software’s”. That way, you get variety of possibilities plus you keep your computer nice and clean so that it can perform its best.  Our soul is always giving us exactly what we need and are looking for, so let’s make its job easier – without search engine’s interference.

Clean your computers and let your soul be the only Power in your world.

Does SEO rules apply to Facebook and Twitter too?

This makes one wonder: Does Google articles have to be by SEO rules? Facebook members don’t play by any rules when they right on their walls. Twitter members as well. And yet they have best ranking and best traffic on their websites – do they pay to search engines also? I know they do. Thus, it seems that for them rules are different.  Why those rules – why critics and editors even for my own website?! The answer is very simple – money is the rule not the SEO! They pretend they evaluate your articles and website, while in fact they have put the chain on your website, chain called money.

Money never ruled my world. And never will let it. Success of my website is not depending on money and never will. Good bye SEO and Welcome Freedom and Creativity!

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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