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Most of us don’t like our bodies or at least part of it. We do our best to change it by using diets or exercises or medications or we simply just criticize it. But cure does not come from outside of us. It comes from within, from learning to love your body.In this article I’m giving you my latest experience how my body got me back on a right track. It used pain to show me, once again, what is the only cure in this Universe. To show me what am I supposed to do if I want my body to change the way I would like it to be. And not just to change but to shift all my prospective. I preach and teach others about power of self love and yet, from time to time I am blind to recognize what I need to do in a moment. Nothing strange- it is just a process of self-growth. We need to work on one thing after another to regain that level of unconditional self love that we are all born with.

I’m in bed for a few days now – more than I’m used to

Can not rid of pain all over my body. I tried everything- pills, bio-resonant healing, channeling energy, all kind of healing techniques I know (and trust me, I know many). I tried all alternative medicine cure I can think of (and I do know many). Nothing helped. Pain was just moving from one part of my body to other- from one side of my body to another. I don’t feel anything other than pain, like I’m numb for anything else. I don’t feel if it’s cold or warm until I freeze or sweat. I don’t feel sad or happy – just pain and numbness.

I knew that my body is trying to tell me something – trying to show me something that hurted me deep in past month or so. And believe me, I recalled many, many things that could of trigger this state, this pain. But, instead of pain going away like always when I have insight and work on something I recall I didn’t like or felt hurt by, nothing changed. My lower back was in pain, but it didn’t got stack as it usually does- just a feeling of stiffness and pain. My hips are hurting for days now so much that I can hardly find a position that is not painful to fall asleep. All the pain and symptoms were strange somehow, similar to previous pains but somehow different – didn’t have exact symptoms and it didn’t react to usual cures I use. The progress would be partial and temporary – just for an hour or so.

I was confused- what a hell is going on. Then I got a herpes last night (herpes simplex). This morning I recalled that all these pains started right after I felt one night that herpes is about to show up at the corner of my eye. I’ve cured it before it managed to “blossom”. I had many experiences through my life with it and I’m an expert in treating it – lol. As most of you know herpes can cause various pain in a body depending on the area of the body. But, as many of you don’t know or forget at the moment of pain (as I do), dis-ease is just outer expression of some deep seated dis-satisfaction.

Next morning herpes was not there anymore. But, the pain in my lower back started and there it goes, one pain after another for days now. So after I had herpes showing up in my mouth last night, I turned to metaphysics, this morning, for a reason and affirmations I need for it.

Louis L. Hay says in her book “you can heal your life” that the probable cause for herpes is:

“Mass belief in sexual guilt and the need for punishment. Public shame. Belief in a punishing God. Rejection of the genitals.”

I start reading the affirmations she gave for it:

My concept of god supports me.

I am normal and natural.

I rejoice in my own sexuality and in my own body.

I am wonderful”


Than I had an insight of how I created all these pains

I am somewhat public figure – doing sessions with my clients on camera and exposing myself on social media in a way of videos and pictures. Last few years I’ve gained weight and been working on learning to love my body as it is, but I was not satisfied with a results – i didn’t lose any weight and I often found myself criticizing some part of my body. Yes I know, I should of know better and I did. I did all the techniques I know to get in peace with my body. But everything in our lives happens for a good reason. I complained about my body and overweight and I attracted pain all over my body – real reason to complain and be dissatisfied- heheehehe. It was obvious to me that there are deeper reasons for my overweight and dissatisfaction that I still didn’t manage to release.

So this morning, while I was reading about probable cause of herpes, it all fitted perfectly. All the pain I had these last few days was just culmination of what I was working on last 2 years – expressions of my dissatisfaction about overweight and the way my body looks like. Pain was a sign that I have to deal with issues that makes me not loving my body –  not accepting it as it is. Don’t get me wrong – I did manage to learn to love my body a lot more than I use too, but obviously I need to do more about it, otherwise I would not create the pain I’m feeling at the moment. And for those who don’t know, we do create every pain in our body.

I realized, finally, what I was doing for past 2 years or more. I tried to change my body instead of love it, or learn to love it. Change can never come from the outside, only from inside, only from change within ourselves. And the change that comes from within can only occur by using love as a cure. And I am not talking about love that we receive from others. That kind of love can only bust our ego- our false self.

The one and ultimate cure is love for ourselves. 

So I decided to write my own affirmations for herpes, which was the first obvious symptom to start with. Affirmations that will help me learn to love myself more.

Here by, I’m giving you affirmations for herpes that I’ve came up with, while having my situation in mind. I hope it will help you to come up with your own and have some insights about your own life and body and where do you lack the love for yourself.


I am worth living.

I love myself as I am.

I am proud of myself.

I am proud of everything I ever did in my life.

I am proud of myself and the way I handle any situation in my life.

It is safe to be me.

I allow myself to express myself anyway I feel like and because of that I am loved and supported by everyone.

I love and support myself as I am.

I am worth loving,

I love and I am lovable.

God loves me and supports me.

I love my body just the way it is.

My body is perfect just the way it is.

I love and approve of every inch of my body.

I chose my body and I admire the magnificence of my body.

My body is a beautiful temple.

My body is unique and magnificent machine and I am proud of it.

I love all the senses and sensations my body can feel.

I allow myself to feel whatever sensations y body can feels.

It is safe for me to feel my emotions.

It is safe for me to act on my emotions.

It is safe for me to enjoy any sensation, and any emotion my body can feel.

I love my body and now I allow my body to feel and express any emotion any sensation any feeling.

Any emotion, any feeling and any sense I experience is normal and natural.

I am normal and natural.

I love what I see in a mirror because I am unique and my body is beautiful expression of my thoughts and feelings.

I give myself permission to love and approve of my body, because I know I am Divine manifestation of God in all its beauty.

I love myself as I am and I am safe as I am.

All is well in my world. And so it is (Amen)


Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are!

the end



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