New Age Movement – spiritual awakening of human race!

New Age Movement

How do I See It

When I started reading books about self-help work, and started practicing that so called philosophy that I didn’t know how to define and label, I’ve named it “new age psychology”, to find out later that it has a label.

My mother thought that I’ve joined some sect/cult and was worried about me and didn’t miss any opportunity to preach me and accuse me of straining out of our Orthodox religion.  That was not true,  on a contrary, books I’ve read brought me more closer to understanding concept of God and Bible (which I didn’t understand a word before, apart of the obvious, in plain language explained parts ).They helped me see God in totally new light.

I was so called “religious” person all my life, better to say up the age of 30. Even though I lived under socialist regime, which I find as a pretty good idea, just it was trying to exclude religion and church in any way, being religious in those times was “not acceptable”. Thank God, my parents were not brought up in that manner so I’ve got some notion of God from them.

What is it?

New Age movement is a Western spiritual movement that developed in the second half of the 20th century.  Described as “drawing on both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infusing them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics”.

The aim is to create “a spirituality without borders or confining dogmas”. It is a holistic worldview that considers Mind, Body and Spirit as non separable, as unity. It includes both science and spirituality.

In my opinion,  nothing better could ever happen to human race than New Age Movement. On one hand it is natural course of human development – human race developed to the point to realize the wholeness of the human body and the wholeness of the nature and people and the Universe, realizing that all that exists it’s like parts of one perfect machine where any part of it influences the other and all the parts are working in benefits to each and every part to keep this machine functional and perfect.


On the other hand, nothing new in this Universe of ours. If you look back and deeper in human history,
all religions has same basics, they all developed from the same principles, thus no wonder the thrive of humans to unite all religions – even if someone don’t know much of other religion, it feels that there is no need for hate or diminish other human being just cause the name of the religion he/she is born in or accepted is different  It feels that under layer of religion, there is a human being that is not differences from him/her – with all its troubles and doubts, all its joys and sorrows.

During long history while developing technology people distanced themselves from nature and it’s laws, at least they think they did, cause nothing in technology came out of no where – it’s derived from nature. Yet people got idea that for some reason technology and nature are separate and that they don’t need nature or even the other human being – technology gives them all they thought they need.

Thank God humanity woke up

Or at least is waking up and as a song says “getting back to the roots“, realizing that technology is great but just as a part of global development of human race, just as “very helpful tool” for further development. That explained to me why I love technology so much and yet I can perfectly improvise what ever I need when I’m out camping or when I lack of something that I can’t afford to buy. I can live without technology I’m a painter, paper and coal can do for me :), but why would I?!! No need for that when I can use computer and scanner and my photo-camera. They are invented for me to use it and make my life easier.

Thus, we, humans, finally are giving priority to ourselves and not technology and science. We are finally discovering ourselves again and that, in fact, we have the main role in this play called LIFE. We are discovering that life is not making us and our lives, but that we are in charge of what ever is happening and that the power of changing and influencing is in our hands in every area of existence, every area of life.

Many times I was wondering – in my days of despair, what a hell am I doing on this planet, in this life. Then I’ve come across a line in a book (I think it was Miguel Ruiz book) which says that Earth can not develop without humans. That I, same as any other person on this planet, help mother Earth develop. I was soooo relived. Finally I’ve got some good reason for living. I had a feeling it must be something else. I had a feeling that it has to be something else, cause I couldn’t see any point in my own life as reason for living or reason to be alive. Don’t get me wrong, I was never suicidal, just never content – hehehe.

Thank God for books and wise people and this New Age. Life finally has some sense for me and hopefully for you too.

 Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are.


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