NOW You are Creating Your Future!

Do you know that by what you think and feel in this moment, now, you are creating your future, your future experiences. Well, it seems so. Wherever you turn, to any wise book, old masters, spiritual teachers of any country or any time in human history, all saying the same thing – there is no past or future, just present moment and what you feel in this present moment will bring to your life (attract) experiences to confirm exactly what you think, feel, say, believe in this moment. Somewhere online, while looking for some I Ching explanation ( I’ll talk about I Ching some other time), long time ago, I’ve came across a chart that tells you exactly which years are connected in your life, meaning, what you experiencing (thinking, feeling) in, such as, year 2002 will reflect in your life in 2010. I’m not sure anymore but I thing it was a period of 8 years, between.

This fact “now Im creating my future”, Ive first heard 20 years ago from Louise L.Hay book (my bible) “You can Heal Your Life”. From time to time I tend to forget this and indulge in self-pity or criticizing  or somewhat that makes me upset – same as we all have our ups and downs and nothing wrong with that, is how it suppose to be- pendulum can’t be always up, it has to swing, same is with our lives; and as Paulo Coelho says in one book, “there is a time for ripping and time for sowing”. But, its good to try to remind yourself as often as you can, to pay attention to your thoughts and feeling and words – just think, “do I want this to create my future experiences?” I do believe that by doing this, by paying your attention to what you think, feel, you can make your life heaven on earth.

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end

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