How To Master Your Life



  Did I mention I love YouTube?! No!Then, YouTube and all you YouTubers, I LOVE YOU AND I THANK YOU FOR ALL THE VIDEOS YOU’VE UPLOADED,...



Since the beginning of the time wise man had wise sayings – very simple fazes of very deep life issues. They don’t loose  a bit of their original meaning even...

How to stop smoking!

This is the problem most of us facing. I don’t like that I smoke, but still smoking. I can’t even stand to go into a room that smells...


 Life suppose to be simple! Why do we, people, complicate it? Widgets


“Books give you proof or evidence that you are not insane, because there are others on this planet who think like you! Widgets


It’s not a sin to be stupid. Pretending that you DO know something you DON’T, it is. Widgets


Ive just started reading this book, “THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES” by Manly P. Hall, thus I cant recommend it yet, but came across part that...

How to Squeeze a Lemon

If the juicer is not around, or you don’t have it 🙂 what you can do is, put lemon down on some hard surface and press...