Prostate Cancer – Get rid of it with Baking soda!

Ultimate remedy for so many dysfunction, but today I’m giving you one that most man over 40 have to deal with – prostate problems. Well boys, no more! Heal yourself in very simple way – many already did.

Ive took these pictures from some websites, and I want to thank them all for putting them online so that I can share with you.

Plus, metaphysics say, “Prostate represents masculine principle”. Prostate problems and usually connected or based on mental fears which weakening the masculinity- giving up- sexual pressure and guilt – belief in aging.

Thus, try to make your conclusions  about your own masculinity – how you see yourself as male? how others see you? what crosses your mind when you think of perfect man? is that opposite to what you are or not? do you crave to be that perfect man?!

In my opinion all our problems come from our “insane” desire to be PERFECT, so the simple question to ask yourself is: By which or whose criteria Im comparing myself – whose ideas made me think Im less then perfect as I am? I cant be perfect for everyone – right? Why do I want to be perfect? (bare in mind – perfection is not equal to “giving the best out of oneself”).

I suppose most of you will say, “I want to be perfect, I don’t need no one to tell me I should, I know.”  FALSE! We all learned at some point that we are not perfect and made conclusion that we should.

So, first thing to do is get rid of what not serves you and “perfectionism” is surly something that serves NO ONE, cause there is no such a thing – no one is perfect and no one think  of him/herself that is perfect – every one of us think we have some fault (no matter what we say or how we act toward or in front of others).

Mantra I would suggest you to repeat in your mind 24/7 (especially to put yourself to sleep with it) is from Louis L. Hay book “you can heal your life”, and I would suggest this mantra for all male no matter if you have some dysfunction or not – live it, breath it, every single free moment in your mind use to repeat this- it goes like this:

I accept and rejoice in my masculinity.

I love and approve of myself.

I accept my own power as it is.

I am forever young in spirit.

To this you can add whatever you feel like but all in positive way, positive statements – don’t worry if you feel like lying to yourself, deluding yourself. Just do it and in time, if not right a way, add some positive feeling to it – this is 100% working so don’t think just do it (as nike would say – lol). It takes some time, but results are magical.
And for the end something you may find strange or repulsive but its “perfectly” normal. Try prostate massage – dysfunction or not, do it and ask your woman to help you with it. If you explain to her that “you will last longer and be more productive and more enjoy whatever you two do together, I bet she will be more then willing. Look online for this to learn how or wait for my article when I find details about it. In mean time get yourself that massager Im giving you in add below.

One thing Ive concluded about man prostate and red somewhere also, is that male who don’t have regular sex – at least 3 times a week (with partner or without) are more inclined to develop some prostate dysfunction. Cure for this is  not just having more sex, but also breaking out chains that keep your mind in negative beliefs about sex, sexuality, gender differences, sin, …..all related to relationship with yourself and between genders- prejudice, thus “Imaginary Perfection” again – lol.

And I forgot – pumpkin seed – great remedy for prostate!

Lose yourself, break free and be healthy!

Now back to baking soda!
Uploaded to YouTube by VitoVern on Jul 19, 2010, he says:
Baking soda solution that I used to reclaim my health after being diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that metastasized to the bones. and here is a link that speaks of others who have had success with baking soda and/or alkaline diet:

How To Make Baking Soda Molasses Cancer Protocol Solutions

You may like to come back to this article from time to time cause I’m going to add more things that I came across or learn from somewhere.

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end

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