Remedies for a strained/pulled muscle

I’ve got message from one of first members on my site and my dear friend asking for some “good remedies for a strained muscle in my arm”.

Lets see:

1. Definition  (scientists and doctors)

2. Quick remedy and what can we do to get relief for this condition and any strain muscle.

3. Metaphysics point of view. (TO BE CONTINUED)

1. Definition – This is what they say on Wiki:

“A strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon(a tendon (or sinew) is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that usually connects muscle to bone and is capable of withstanding tension; tendons are similar to ligaments and fasciae as they are all made of collagen except that ligaments join one bone to another bone, and fasciae connect muscles to other muscles; tendons and muscles work together) in which the muscle fibers tear as a result of overstretching. A strain is also colloquially known as a pulled muscle. The equivalent injury to a ligament is a sprain. (did I mention I love this site of mine cause it helps me learn many things – lol- I love learning new things and for that I love Wiki – if you didnt donate to wiki pls do – 5$ will not help you get filthy rich so you might as well give it away for a good cause – education of masses and yourself)

Typical symptoms of a strain include: localized pain, stiffness, discoloration and bruising around the strained muscle.

Strains are a result of muscular-fiber tears due to overstretching. They can happen while doing everyday tasks and are not restricted to athletes. Nevertheless, people who play sports are more at risk of developing a strain due to increased muscle use.



2. Remedies

For these kind of injuries, in my experience, main thing is to get the blood circulate through painful area faster so that it heal faster. Some will not agree with me cause first advice you get from doctors is to put some ice on it to slower the blood circulation. In my opinion, that is good, but just at the first few minutes, trying to prevent from bruising. And it works, the morning after pain is still there and bruise also although not that big or severe as it would be without ice. Usually we dont pay much attention to it right away, thus we dont use ice -lol.

> One of the thing that helps is Aspirin (known as acetylsalicylic acid) or Advil (Ibuprofen) or any painkiller drug – getting the blood  to circulate faster through painful tissue has to help cause fresh blood streaming through area heals it – right?! But you can’t take drugs all the time – trust me- they tend to make your inner fiver (boiling energy) calm and you may like it and get a very bad habit – become addicted to them. In any case you may take one for a start.

> Another thing, you may rub some cream on it, creams for rheumatism or those creams or gels for sport injuries. Knowing this friend of mine, I bet he strain his muscle playing golf and not worming up before he started. This have same effect as drugs, just you can’t get addicted to it – lol.  I would put that cream on painful muscle several times a day. One thing to pay attantion when using these creams is that you have to clean the part of the body every time you tend to apply it again – they say (doctors) that if you dont clean the first layer you’ve put on (no matter if that was few hours or day before) it had no effect, at least not as much as should. You can wash it or clean with  alcohol.

When apply rheumatism cream at the same time would feel nice to massage that part of the body. I suggest that you don’t press too hard. Just mild massage is effective, any massage that is strong and hard and aggressive is not giving results, on a contrary it may give opposite effects – if you ever had massage with professional masseur or watch them doing it, you may noticed that they don’t apply pressure – longer tender rubbing gives effect.

> What I find helpful instead of cream for rheumatism is alcohol and lard. You rub alcohol  on painful part of the body then right after you rub lard on it. About  lard as remedy I’ll dedicate one article – some time soon I hope, cause its one great remedy no matter that you may think “omg, noooooo”.What it does, it seems that has same effect – warming up the area by increasing blood circulation. But it seems that it does more then that cause lard, as my vet says, has some enzymes that have healing effect (I dont know exactly what lard does but I know it helps). As a result pain goes away and if there are bruises they disappear, in time of course – there is no instant miracle cure – lol.  If  “silence is gold”, I would say “patience is apparatus/machine for making gold”. Or learn to be patient and you will concord the world, your world, of course.

>My father use to apply cabbage leaf to his painful knee. He would soften the cabbage leaf on a stove burner (no need to burn it just warm a little) and then apply/rub in some lard or oil on that leaf and put on knee and rap it with wool  scarf or band add and keep like that for a while – 2-3 hours or overnight, as compression not necessarily firm- remember blood has to circulate not stop circulating -hehee.

> Sometimes he would use alcohol or better to say, drinking alcohol we call “rakija” and not to drink it but apply on it. (wiki: Rakia (also Rakija or Rachiu) is an alcoholic beverage that is produced by distillation of fermented fruit; it is a popular beverage throughout the Balkans. Its alcohol content is normally 40% ABV, but home-produced rakia can be stronger (typically 50% to 60%)

First he would rub the lard on knee – thick layer to prevent burns from Rakija, then souk the cloth in Rakija, make it mild wet, and apply around the knee as compression. He would put some plastic bag or something plastic-shit-like, to keep it warm.

Doctors don’t agree, but it seems to me that warmth helps. Keep that part of body warm, at least try not to expose it to cold.

> Another thing that comes to my mind – give that part of body a break. You strained it, you pulled it, give it some rest to recuperate.

> And last for now – till I recall something else- but equally important – vitamin supplements. And as I will probably mention many times under diferent topics in this blog – stay off the bubbly vitamine supplements.

Vitamin supplements can’t hurt, instead they can help your body heal faster.


Ok, that’s what came to my mind for now. If I think of something else or hear or read, I’ll share in future.


P.S. my spelling is not so great, get over it, lol! I know you can understand what you read even with bad spelling – it’s scientifically proven!


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  1. wdave51 says:

    😛 lol i do understand it.I did try ice and heat didnt doctor recommends accupunture.what do you think about accupunture sandra?

    • Sandra Santiago says:

      About acupuncture I will write at some other time cause its the metaphysics topic, but for now I would say GO FOR IT! Since last year I have acupuncture on a regular basis, every spring and autumn, and I have nothing by praises for it.

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