Sciatica and Sneezing

When I look at these two things, lower back and nose, I would say, they have nothing in common. I mean looking at it like an ordinary person, not as  scientist. One down, other up, spine in between. Not even connected by spine. One is at the back of the body, other at front. Lower back connected with walking and stuff, but not for breathing that’s for sure. You can say all that I’ve described so far is so called “normal”, or under healthy conditions, but still, no apparent connection.

Now, if you never had lower back pain (sciatica), imagine sneezing. You take deeper breath, lean your head little backwards, and here it comes, quick, snappy (even involuntary it happens) move forward forced by sneezing. Nothing painful for nose- we can say its even reliving, except that our nose may start dripping a little- which usually does.

Now imagine, same scenario, just this time you have pain in lower back. That part, “quick, snappy move forward – no matter how much you try to prevent it, it happens”. Ouch. Yeap, that hurts. Not a nose, I mean, it’s some what feeling of relief. BUT lower back! OMG! Who would of think, nose has anything to do with lower back!!!! It seems not, but it surly hurts when you sneeze.

And another thing, even if you have healthy lower back, try to apply something warm on your lower back (warm it up somehow- blanket, or something) when your nose is stuffy (before you use nose drops – lol) and see what happens- few minutes and you can breath with easy. Funny right?!

If you don’t have lower back pain at the moment, but you do have chronic lower back problem, watch out when you sneeze – make that snappy, involuntary move forward, more voluntary and conscious, because it may cause you to lean forward even slightly wrong and get that or those lower back nerve/nerves stuck again.

Conclusion, no matter how silly it may sound, it seems that lower back and nose are in very well connected and related, in sickness and in health…. .


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