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spine roll


I have found spine roll exercise on some Pilates DVD about 15 years ago and I love it ever since. On that DVD they did spine roll between almost every exercise – for relaxation and flexibility. Indeed, It is very relaxing. I have to emphasize  it is very helpful and very beneficial not just for spine but for health and body flexibility in general.

I do Spine roll exercise  several times a day in any occasion that makes me feel stiff . You don’t need any warm-up for this. It is especially beneficial when I have to sit in front of the computer for a long time. It feels great fixing the spine afterwards or just to get up at any moment and do spine roll . I even do spine roll when I move from a computer for some other reason, like door bell or going to a toilet or making coffee or …whatever.

Nowadays we all sit too much and our spine and muscles suffer under all kind of unhealthy postures – we get tensed and stiff so we try to compensate by changing postures. And not just sitting, but also rushing around all day long. Our spine endures a lot of sudden inappropriate moves and clumsy walks. Our spine needs some fixing from time to time during the day – it’s obvious.

How you benefit by “spine roll”

  • stretching and fixing
  • breathing
  • releasing stress from muscles
  • calming your mind – any concentration of mind is a kind of meditation

This exercise is the easiest way to keep your spine straight and healthy, and releases the stress from your muscles and mind.

How to do spine roll exercise

  • Stand straight – lift up your ribs to straighten the spine. As long as we remember we heard from our elders or someone: “straighten your spine”, “sit straight”, “straight up”, etc. And what we do, we automatically pull our shoulders back, push our chests forward and our head and chin stay hanging front making our neck lean forward like someone hanged us as a “coat on hanger”
  • breath in and start by moving your head forward, as much as you can, chin toward your throat.
  • in same manner, you will go down toward your feet, leaning forward imagining your spine like rope winding up around the winch – arms hanging first aside of your body, than in front.
  • feel free to band your knees
  • stay down few seconds
  • start going up while you imagine your vertebra’s get right at place as they are suppose to be (if you don’t know how it suppose to be, look at some picture online, there are plenty)
  • repeat going down and up 3 times and notice how you will be able to go down lower and lower every “next” time

Spine is not just another part of our body – All our body depends on spine. Our lives depend on our spine. Thus help it to help you.


Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end



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