The Slow Regard of Silent Things - Patrick Rothfuss

The Slow Regard of Silent Things

By Patrick Rothfuss

  • Release Date: 2014-10-28
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4
From 840 Ratings


Deep below the University, there is a dark place. Few people know of it: a broken web of ancient passageways and abandoned rooms. A young woman lives there, tucked among the sprawling tunnels of the Underthing, snug in the heart of this forgotten place.
Her name is Auri, and she is full of mysteries.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a brief, bittersweet glimpse of Auri’s life, a small adventure all her own. At once joyous and haunting, this story offers a chance to see the world through Auri’s eyes. And it gives the reader a chance to learn things that only Auri knows....

In this book, Patrick Rothfuss brings us into the world of one of The Kingkiller Chronicle’s most enigmatic characters. Full of secrets and mysteries, The Slow Regard of Silent Things is the story of a broken girl trying to live in a broken world.


  • Unique and Fascinating

    By Mara Delphine
    THE GOOD: Let me start by saying this book was not what I expected it to be. I thought it would be a continuation of the Kingkiller series, but instead it’s an indepth look at a week in Auri’s life. I felt a little sad for a second because I am eagerly awaiting more of the Kingkiller story, but as soon as I started reading this, that sadness melted away. Auri is such an intricate and unique character. In today’s busy world, it is beautiful to enter a world where Auri is able to find such joy in simple things. It inspired me to slow down and appreciate the simple things around me. I did not think I could find inanimate objects so interesting. I loved this book! Everyone seems to think Auri is crazy and cracked, but I sense that her character is more complex than that. I think beyond being a master alchemist, she may also be a master namer, hence why she knows the names of every object and place in the Underthing and can bend them to her will. THE MAYBE NOT SO GOOD: I didn’t take a star off for this, since it doesn’t have to do with the content of the book, but it seems a bit odd that the pricing for a 180 page book is about the same as for a 2,446 page book.
  • Such a treat

    By mm92585
    A completely different voice and POV. Rothfuss takes our favorite character and gives us exactly what we needed. This book is as beautiful as the others in this trilogy in its own way. Truly amazing.
  • Meh

    By Vlnonomomj
  • Not for everyone...

    By KSR764
    First, I have to say that I enjoyed the story very much, but that being said, it is not straightforward. As the existing reviews, and for that matter, Patrick Rothfuss state, not everyone will get this method of storytelling. Where I think things go off the rails is the cost. To pay as much for this short story as one would for a novel is a money grab, plain and simple. I suspect, though I don’t have proof positive, that such things are the decision of the publisher, and not the author. However, either way, charging the same price for this story as one would for a novel is unconscionable.
  • ଜଜଜଜଜ

    By 1313Ness23
  • $8.99 - REALLY :-(

    By BIOYAbuddy
    Gouge much?
  • I hated it

    By Ridgely13
    Should not be considered part of the series. Wish I could get my money back.
  • Circle Perfect

    By Chris Teschke
    Patrick--from one broken person to another, thank you! -Chris Teschke, Lenexa KS
  • Weird...

    By A must!!!!!
    It's OK- coming from the other books it's just odd and a bit hard to get into. Worth a shot. Read 'Name of the Wind' in a weekend. It's been 2 weeks and still can't get through this one....
  • Pass on this

    By Can't wait to eat
    Needless to say when this popped up I was really excited as the first two books were great. The best way to explain this book is that the publisher pushed the writer into coming up with something to appease his fans. I kept reading, hoping something would happen, it didn't. Do not waste your time, it's like going to the dentist for 4 hours.