Thinking out loud – need 4 touch!

Good morning everyone!

I’m  just having my morning coffee and thinking some crazy thinking (as usual), actually I’m thinking for couple a days now something that occurred to me, like, I was looking at the kids outside find some small dogs and carry them around all day long, keeping them in their arms. I was thinking, maybe those animals don’t like to be patted and to be touched and carried around as much as we do it. And then, just now, I was thinking about chickens, I mean big chickens, it seems like they don’t like or let to be patted or touched, and people don’t. I would be afraid to reach my hand toward them- chickens, ducks, turkey,… Maybe with chickens you should – I would- sit among them, let them come to you.

Then something occurred to me, “why would I even touch them”? “Why do I feel like touching them”? “Why do we people have a need to touch everything?!”

Maybe that’s why we are afraid of snakes, cause we know if we reach our hand toward them we have a feeling they are going to bite us, but whats with us and touch?

I suppose through touch we can more feel the animal or object or something else or even humans.  Like all that can’t talk we have a need to touch – feel  at least.  What that touch mean to us, what does it give us?! Is that our way of communicating?! Do we, through touch make some kind of opinion about object we are touching?!

I understand about humans (partly- lol) – we want to touch them, to feel their skin, to feel more close, intimate, but whats with everything else?!

It just occurred to me – maybe at some point in human development/history, we were able to determine through touch about object we are touching, like touch was like inner eye, if we would touch something we would feel it from the inside, its core, its soul, so to say! Well maybe! That doesn’t sound so unreasonable – at least not to me.

Or maybe that’s our task as humans, to develop ourselves, spiritually, to be able to determine through touch what something or someone is all about. I don’t know, crazy isn’t it- I know I have silly thoughts.

Ok, that’s me for now – sharing. Morning coffee and morning meditation is done and over – day is calling- lol.

I would like to  read some feed back on this, what you think or know about this “need to touch”.



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  1. Sarah says:

    I saw the snake on the road yesterday, not far from my house. It made me think. I like to take sunbath by laying down on the grass. When I saw that snake made me think about my sunbath right away. Should I do some percations and which? Then I calmed myself down thinking positive and living in a present moment as you suggest here – universe will take care of all my worries and bothers!
    muahaaa and shine to you too

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