If we would just stop complicate things in our lives – we are energy!


All in life is made of the same energy, just vibration is different. Try to dance sometime and notice how does it feel. No matter how you dance, no matter which music you pick up for your dance – feel your body moving, feel the energy changing while you keep on dancing – isn’t that amazing?! Just few different moves of your body can make the difference in your energy field! Amazing really. When are we going to start believing in simple things?! Believing that we are the Power in our world to make and change and manifest whatever we want and that it is very simple?! When are we going to STOP complicate things, complicate life?!

Muahaaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end


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  1. wdave51 says:

    hi yes i want to make it less complicated and it should,what am i doing wrong

    • What all of us is doing wrong! We think we can control our lives by taking action – we always think and make plans and try to figure things out. We are forgetting that all is energy – thus our thoughts are energy. Every thought we think manifests. If, as we all do, we try to figure things out so that we can act to resolve some problem or something that is bothering us, all kind of thoughts go through our mind – right? Imagine than, all those thoughts, energy signals, we are sending out. There are loads of them and not just that there are loads of them, but loads of mixed thoughts – right? What can we expect to manifest than?! Manifestations can’t be positive but just mixed as our thoughts. What should we do: we should stop trying to solve things by trying to figure things out. Instead, we should concentrate on positive thoughts and feelings – imagine how we like things to be. Do our best to feel like we already have whatever we want. Feel that inner satisfaction. Feel that inner peace. Feel the way you would feel if all the things in your life are as you like them to be. That is simplest and the only way we can change things. The only way we can prospare. We all know it as “freedom of choice” and yet, we forget to use it. We have “freedom of choice” how we are going to feel. Instead of choose to worry and figure things out, choose to feel good. It may be difficult at the beginning, but as all in life, “practise makes perfect”. Go for it and see what happens. But, don’t give up. Practise, practise and practise – till it becomes your common way of looking at things. There are no enemies outside of us.
      Muahaaaa and shine like the star that you are – thats what I’m talking about – constantly be aware of the “star that you are”. There is a star inside of you, you just need to acknowledge it, give it a credit for whatever is going on in your life – at least for putting up with all the things you don’t like and approve off. Thats a good start.

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