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  1. wdave51 says:

    😀 i worked a long time at 9-5 job and my hope is to retire soon and find something that i can enjoy and still make some money.im listening

    • Sandra Santiago says:

      Good! Now, listening needs some workout – dont just listen, put in practice. When I say put in practices, that means, do mental work, use that mind of yours for your benefit- it works non-stop anyway. Do what ever you feel comfortable and easy doing, like “affirmations”, “deep breathing or any kind of breading exercises”, “meditation/concentration”….. will put all that here in future articles so that we all benefit and take steps we like and that are easy for us to do.
      Good start at the very begging of mental work are these affirmations, I call them “mantras”. Do these mantras when ever you feel bad for any reason or you notice your mind wondering around something you cant change or something you habitually repeat in your mind. Do them even more if you notice you think or say something negative about yourself, life or others. Dont think, just “do the mantras”. Dont judge if they are true or not for you, if they are real or unreal(are you sure you know whats real or unreal). I do this 24/7 and I can proudly say my life is changing every minute of the day:

      “I’m willing to change”
      “I’m willing to release the past and forgive myself and everyone else”
      “I love and approve of myself”
      “I love and appreciate myself”
      “All is well in my world” 🙂

  2. veritanuda says:

    It is an old idea that of enlightenment, but it is also strangely lacking in our 21st Century world. Some reason the value of being educated in all areas of life seems somehow dismissed as being unimportant when the truth is it is the only way to really live a fulfilled life.

    I know this seems somewhat abstract but the truth I am trying to get at is that we are better for sharing ideas, hopes, opinions and dreams and it is fundamental to human nature to interact like that on a personal level.

    So congratulations Sandra for putting together an open forum for discussions and a whiteboard for the doodling mind. 🙂

    *muah* 🙂

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