What ageing really means?

What does it mean? I choose to look at it like,”simply piling up the years of experience”. But most of us don’t think that way – even me, I’m not sure any more what I really, truly believe, cause it showed me million times so far that what I consciously think and think that I believe and state for myself and about myself or life, turns out differently, turns out giving different outer manifestations in my life then those I’ve though believed (consciously) that I thought ARE my true believes.
It seems like we are choosing other people lives to be our own. Like we watch others and see what is happening with them, and to them by age, at some age, and we accept it as what will happen to us or what may happen to us – which in fact is the same thing just other way of putting it.
And yet, we all, when confronted, say that we are unique individual, far different from others! Now you tell me, how so? Cause if we really, truly believe this statement, would we age the same way others do? Now you are thinking, well those are my genes, can’t run away from them, that’s me. Well, what you are saying is this, “I’m my parents” – right? What happened with “unique individual”?
Are the genes transmitters of bad stuff – dysfunctions in every kind of way? No, we got some good dispositions from our parents and ancestors genes, not just bad – this is what you thinking, right? Now think again! How come whenever you feel some dysfunction in your body or life, you find similarities with your parents or some close relative or even friend?
Why are we choosing to live other people lives and experiences? Or, why are we afraid to use our own experiences and believes and thoughts. Why are we so afraid of making mistakes? Why we don’t trust ourselves? If we are “unique individuals” how can “living other people experiences and believes” be beneficial to us?! You can say, “well, I’m taking good and not bad from their experiences” – good for you! I didn’t notice that in a degree that we all clam we do. What I notice is that we are picking up from others all that have anything to do with our “fears”. For example, I’m afraid of being ill thus I notice and attract people with all kind of dysfunctions in their bodies and at that time I’m doing my best to prevent those things to happen to me, but, the idea of “that particular dysfunction” stays in my mind. I don’t say to myself, instantly, “dear one, I emphasize with you, it must be hard, but that’s your path, not mine”. Instead I think, “omg, this is awful, I have no idea what I would do if this happens to me”.!
Why are we so afraid to acknowledge that we can be whatever we want to be and that we can be different, really different from others – I mean in better way!? Why are we afraid of ourselves?!!!!

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!

the end

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  1. wdave51 says:

    im confused when i listened to this,maybe i dnt understand and get it,but when i have a ailment i dont think about other people i just try to to get betterand do what get me better..maybe i dont get what they are trying to sat say sandra

    • Sandra Santiago says:

      Did you read my text before listening? I thought, I’ve explained it a lil?!! Maybe I should read my own text again – lol!
      The point is, years pile up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that with age come illness or disabilities or what ever hard and bad- as most of as imagine our “old age”. Change it by changing the way you imagine your future- imagine yourself full of energy and excitement for life, moving with easy, breathing with ease, laughing, ect.
      Our aging can be fun not pain! Change your way of looking at it and thats what you’ll get!

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