What to wear for exercising – Pajamas!

For couple a days now I’m in my pajamas, wasn’t quite “myself”- and few minutes ago, I’m thinking that I should dress up – put on so-called normal cloths-and then I remember, while I was having my fruit breakfast at 4pm, lol- I’ve planed to do some exercises, stretching and if i can, something
more. So I’m thinking, “I can’t put on normal clothes  cause i need to put on something for exercising”. But what?! I don’t want anything tight. Yet, to change for exercising then take that off for shower, then dress up afterwards – nooooo, I don’t feel like it.

Then epiphany – why would I change at all?


What do I have here? I exercise in my living-room, I don’t need to impress nor show respect to
anyone but myself, and I’m not in a mood like “I  need to feel sexy”, thus I should wear something comfortable – sweat suit. For Tai Chi, they recommend some kind of kimono. That kimono style it’s not so much my thing, it brings stiffness and feeling of rigidness to my mind, cause, as I know, itkimono, tai chi
has to be made of natural material which exclude stretching (if it is soft cotton then we are not thinking about kimono anymore but sweat-suit, right?). But since I need “kimono made of soft cotton, what can that be?!



pajamas, pajama

I am already in my PJ. WOOOOW! Why not? Why not using my PJ as clothes for exercising – it’s stretchy  it’s comfortable, It’s cotton. It’s all I can wish for and I don’t need to change!


I love my ideas – hehehe- especially when I can apply them – lol :P

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are.

the end


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  1. Sertruth says:

    Great idea, tried it 😀

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