What you need to make a video- Lights, part 1

This is first video in a series of “All you need to make a video” – all that I could think of, for now, about how to fix lights for camera, software for editing, software for audio, areo cursor mouse pointer, etc.
Main idea was how to do it easily and for free.

How do I get a traffic for my website?!!!

This is a question 99% webmasters think about 24/7. And when you ask any of them, first thing they tell you is: YouTube, you have to make videos for Youtube cause that’s where people are. Good, great, thank you.

But, how do I do that? What do I need for that? Oh, I do have some kind of camera, but what now?

Recording video of yourself

Who ever tells you shooting video is easy, it’s lying.

First of all, for majority of us, just sitting in front of camera is uncomfortable – not all people born tv hosts or actors. We are even unbelievably embarrassed taking pictures of us by ourselves, not to mention if someone else does it. What ever is the reason for this embarrassment you need to overcome it.

You’ve may tried before to sit in front of webcam or, if not, try now – we all have some kind of camera – webcam or digital or what ever. Make some video taking to camera or read something “in to the camera” – how it feels? Don’t get frustrated, practice makes perfect. Practice, practice, practice – you can do it. You need to come to the point when you will stop caring what other people may think of you when they see video you’ve made.

Why the quality of my video is bad?

It may happen! Most cameras have “Auto adjustments“, but even those not work to your benefit sometime. You may need to check it manually, to adjust it manually for the best presentation of “your little self”. There is exposure, brightness, contrast, white balance, ect.

Adjusting this can make you look much better in your video.

My video is still not as I would like it to be?

Well there are few thing to pay attention to and one is essential – lights. The quality of your video depends on lights you are surrounded by, like in any tv studio or photo studio, lights play the main part. If your light is bad – there is not enough light, movie may be dark and blurry  opposite of light/bright and sharp and no HD camera can fix that. What ever camera you use for making videos, right lights are what makes recording perfect. Get some lamps- you don’t need expensive equipment, some white panels that spread light good will do the job, like styrofoam – I’ve learned that from some “old school” photographer. You don’t need lights to hurt your eyes, just turn the light to the styrofoam and you’ll get nicely and evenly spreader light with less shade possible.

How to look even better on camera?

As you all know, in photo shooting sessions or on TV, before they put people in front of the camera they put the make up on their faces and body. It wouldn’t hurt you to do the same. Camera tends to emphasize any bad features we have or may not notice that we have.

And I’m not saying you need loads of make up and some bright or too noticeable eye shades. The people you see on good photos or TV, you know they wear make up, but that make up looks so natural, that you almost not notice it – you just see how great ten that person has or how beautiful it looks no matter if its ugly – right?

Well that’s the benefit of make up. Some skin foundation in natural color of your skin and some mascara – it not necessary to be black, there are
nice brown shades of mascara too, and you’ll notice a big difference in your looks. Add some lip-shine or lip-protector and here you are – beauty is out in the open.

Muahaaa and shine like a star!


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