Why do I look like my grandmother?

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Is it possible that my late grandmother learns through me? I know and I do believe we are all connected, thus I am connected to my grandmother, somehow. I know and I do believe that we (all of us) have karmic family, meaning that we all (members of that family) go round and round from one life to another together, just taking the different roles – like one time around (in one life) I’m mother, another time I’m son or sister or friend or … . I know, and you can notice in your environment, that daughters look like fathers and sons look like mothers (in 99% of cases). Explanation
for this is that we choose our parents before we are born according to lesson we need to learn in this life and in that process we “fall in love” with one of them – I suppose we like one of them more than the other, and cause of that “love or liking” we choose gender and after we are born we resemble or look like that parent. It seems I liked my father more than my mother so I look like him. And since he looks like his mother, I resemble her, obviously. I’ve just did self-help work about some issue and final step of that work is “forgiveness”, the mental exercise I’ll give you in one article some other time. Anyway, during my self-help work, I’ve became aware off some people from whom I’ve learned the belief or pattern which I was working on – the pattern or belief that is manifesting and repeating in my life at the moment. During the “work”, it turned out that I’ve got the belief and patter from my grandmother, my father’s mother.

What did I found out?

I realized that I’m going over and over again through situations in which there is a couple (man and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend) who I get in great relationship with at the beginning and then, after a while, girl/woman starts gossiping me and telling lies about me to her man or friend, in order to make that man dislike me and to justify her own actions/mistakes/faults, pining them to me usually, or stating that it is my fault somehow. As crazy as I may be, I never do things they accuse me of nor even think about life or treat people that way, ever. I’m not going to go into details here, but during my work on this issue, I’ve realized that my grandmother was
treating other women the same way – all of her daughters in law and any woman my grandfather had good opinion off or liked. She was pretty evil woman in that way and I’ve felt that on my own skin– blaming me and my mother for the divorce of my father and his first wife and for many other things afterwards.

Negative believes I’ve learned from my grandmother

I know that through those situations I got believes like women are evil, gossipers, malicious, and god knows what else. I got believes about man being stupid and easy-influenced and weak and god knows what else. I know all this because it repeats in my life over and over again and I’m working on it over and over again – no wonder there. When something is repeating in your life you can be sure you have some negative mental pattern, some negative belief that is active within you and attracting these situations to happen in your life – similarities attracts (one of the Absolute Truths of this life) And I wonder! Now I’m going through the situations where I am the victim of gossiping and malicious minds, liars,… .I know I’m not like that so it is not me I need to forgive for bad deeds. It is my grandmother that I need to forgive for teaching me, through deeds, those believes, to forgive her all the evil deeds she ever did to anyone I remember and can recall.

But something crossed my mind I’ve never thought about before and I’m wondering:

>>>Can it be that, after my grandmother died she had to feel, through me, the pain and suffering she caused others and that is why I look like her?!

Does this make any sense?!

>>>Is it possible that on some higher level I’ve chose this particular lesson to help my grandmother experience what she did wrong and get some light and learn better for her future lessons?

>>>Do we learn through each other’s experiences after we leave this plane of existence – I mean after
we transcend to another level, level not visible to most of us, level some call “parallel world”?

>>>Do we come to this world looking like some person because that person needs, after death, to experience, true us and our life situations, how it feels the pain and hurt they caused to others during their time on this planet – last time around.

Is this the case? What you think?

Muahaaa and shine like the star that you are!


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