You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (The Movie)

You can heal your life because You are the Power in your world

I want to share with you (at least in video format and then you decide if this book is for you) the main book that helped me changed my life, the book that explained life to me, how it works, so that I can use those principles, which I call “Absolute truths” and change my life in any way I wanted, in any area I wanted. Louis L Hay book, “You can heal your life”.

How did the book make me feel

At that moment in my life I was concerned with my health and this book showed me that health is not a problem, it is just outer effect of what is in my mind, in my heart. For me, that was best thing that could ever happen to me, cause it gave me hop

e that my life and my health don’t have to stay that way, that I can change it, that it’s not about “what others can do for me or will someone help me” (as you may have noticed, when you are in that kind of state of mind, no help is coming from anyone), but it’s up to me, it’s in my power. I can’t explain to you how that made me feel – I mean in a positive way.

 It gave me such a boost of hope and enthusiasm for life, that I’ve immediately started translating book to Serbian so that I can understand it better and share with others who were struggling and still “marching in a place“, as I did – you think you are walking but not moving, you are making steps and you find yourself right where you were before. It is an awful feeling, like you are surrounded with walls anywhere you try to go, anywhere you try to make a move you push to invisible wall that puts you back to the place where you started. No matter how much you try and how hard you try and how many good ideas you have – there is a wall that stops you, like it says:

You can check the list of her books here: Louise

Where did you think you are going?

You thought you can do that? Yea, right!

This movie can give you some insight to a book – it covers basics of the book. Enjoy it.

Muahaaa and shine like a star that you are.

the end

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